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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Aimee and I'm a uni student. This blog is really just a collection of different topics all mushed together. I didn't used to be interested in beauty until I started trying more of it out for myself and realised that I really liked playing with makeup. I wouldn't say I have a huge collection of makeup (not like youtubers - their collections are crazy!) but I think I do have more makeup than the average girl. Makeup can get pretty expensive, especially for those who live in Australia or New Zealand.

One of the main reasons why I started doing reviews was because I always consult internet reviews or swatches before I buy a product. It's great because that quick google search has really helped me save my money on products that weren't right for me. Now I'm going to try and contribute so other's can know more about the products I use~

I do quite like food but I'm not really a foodie since my parents make tons of tasty food for me all the time. I'm really attracted to ocean foods like fish, seaweed and shellfish. Basically things that come from the ocean are tasty to me. Except for oysters. I shudder every time. If I ever learn how to cook better I might consider blogging some recipes but until then I guess I'll just be blogging about good/bad eats around Sydney/Newcastle.

I'm still working on this page because I'm not really sure what there is to write about me. I guess if you want to find out more about me then you'll just have to keep reading this blog :)

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