Saturday, 13 February 2016

Review: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Manuka Honey

For those who don't know, Innisfree is a pretty big Korean beauty brand that has the same parent company as Laneige (my favourite skincare brand) and Etude House. I've had pretty good success with their products in the past so I decided to venture into their face mask range. I haven't really done a face mask in a while because my skin's been behaving well but I thought I'd do one anyways just to keep it moisturised and healthy before starting back at uni again. 
I've noticed that some of the ingredients can be irritants but I haven't had any reactions to the mask yet. It's disappointing to see that honey isn't actually one of the major ingredients and only appears in the form of honey extract. Honey masks are the ones that I tend to go for most as honey is a great moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. I have previously made my own honey and green tea masks which I loved but they can be a bit messy to use. 

The mask feels thinner than other brands and I loved how comfortably it fit my face. I left the mask on for 25 minutes before I decided to take it off. I massaged the remaining serum onto my face and down my neck. The mask did moisturise quite well and I think I prefer it compared to the Tony Moly Avocado Mask. The Innisfree mask definitely fit my face better and I felt like the moisturise lasted a bit longer than the Tony Moly one. I wouldn't say that this is the best mask I've used but it's definitely one that's affordable and does the trick. 

Here's the shape and size of the mask for those who are interested. Now I purchased a couple of these at MD Ranking in Sydney City for just $1.80. This is still a little expensive when you compare it to the Innisfree online prices where it retails for $1.75AUD each. However, shipping is not taken into consideration but it shouldn't be too expensive considering how light they are. I will probably be purchasing my future face masks at MD Ranking since the price difference isn't that high. I think that these Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks are a great value for what they offer. I find that I prefer using Asian sheet masks rather than ones at Priceline just because they feel more gentle and the effects seem to last longer. 

Price and Availability: $1.8 at MD Ranking in Sydney City or $22 for 10 ($2.20 each) at or $1.75 each at

Repurchase: Once I finish my other masks 

Have you used any Innisfree products? What's your favourite mask? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I've actually never used a sheet mask before! I'd love to try the Asian ones, you've piqued my interest :)


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