Monday, 1 February 2016

Review: Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Palette

I've recently dived right back into my Chi Chi palettes as I've been contemplating about getting the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I got this palette as a birthday gift from my friends about three years ago. Like all the gifts that I receive, I always try to use them as much as possible so that it's not something that is wasted. Obviously that can be quite challenging with certain gifts but this palette wasn't one of them! I have loved this palette from the moment that I got it and have used it for over a year now. I would've done a review earlier but I guess I just didn't think about this since it does look quite "worn in" and not as fresh or pretty as my other products. 

I know that there's heaps of people who are interested in this palette as it looks like a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. I can't really comment and compare since I don't actually have the Naked palette but I do think the shades look very similar. The Chi Chi Nudes palette has 12 neutral shades which are great as a basic starter palette. There's a mix of textures such as shimmers and mattes which makes it so versatile. I use the matte shades the most as well as the second shade from the left which is a light shimmer. Some of the middle darker shades tend to have a bit of fallout as well as the second shade from the left. It's not too much but they don't really seem to live up to the UD eyeshadow quality. 

The eyeshadows are decent quality for the price. I must admit that some of the shades are pretty difficult to use. The last two darker shades on the right side are pretty difficult to use. The two eyeshadows there are pretty hard and give hardly any pigment at all! They were a little dry from the first time I used them so it isn't a time factor either. I'm not a huge fan of all the shimmers in the palette but the quality is decent enough that I do enjoy these shades.

Instead of a brush the palette comes with two sponge tip applicators which I don't really like to use. They aren't bad for a beginner to use but I definitely prefer to use brushes for eyeshadows. The palette itself is also quite light and doesn't really have a sturdy feel to it. I'm always worried that the eyeshadows will shatter if I drop the palette. The lid snaps close pretty well and it doesn't have any trouble staying shut. 

Overall it's a reasonable dupe for the UD Naked palettes. The packing isn't the best but it's still a great bang for the buck. I don't hate this palette and I did love it at one stage in my life but I think I've moved on from that. I must say that the first 5 shades in this palette are my absolute favourites and I still use them as part of my everyday makeup when the palette is around. The first 5 colours are definitely my eyeshadow staple colours because I love light coloured shimmers for all over my lid and a nice matte brown for the crease. 

Price and Availability: $22 from Myer or online at the Chi Chi site 

Repurchase: Probably not as this one will last me a while and I've found other palettes that I like a lot more


  1. These are my kind of shades. I have the original Naked palette and it does look quite similar. I don't have any Chi Chi makeup!

  2. Thanks for this review, I have seen these about the place and wondered how good they were. I still have a few Chi Chi eye makeup strips that I pull out from time to time, haha!

  3. Oh you've just reminded me to dig this palette out! I loved the first half of this palette with all the warm tones!

  4. i have the original UD naked, and although I don't give it as much love as I should, it has held me back from buying neutral coloured dupes unless it's super cheap haha

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