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Essence Eyeshadow Haul + Swatches

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Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette
So I broke my "no makeup spend" last Saturday by doing a mini Essence haul at Priceline. Their latest trend edition is the "Happy Girls are Pretty" which is meant to underline the natural beauty that's within us all. I'm going to give myself a giant pat on the back for not spending for 15 days since the new year started. I justified it with the fact that I've been doing a decent amount of work and I won't have time to shop when classes resume. 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette
I ended up getting the Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Happiness is...Following your heart. I decided to go with this one as it has warmer tones than the other palette and I would use these shades more than the other ones. 
Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette
Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute the embossed design is? It's definitely a nod as an Autumnal collection for those in the Northern Hemisphere. The palette comes with 5 natural eyeshadows which include one matte white (Shade 1 from the left) and four shimmers. Since they don't have any names, I'm just going to numerically label them from 1-5, starting from the left. 
  1. Matte white - An very true white shade that has neutral undertones. Decent pigmentation.
  2. Satin off white - This shade is a little odd as it photographs as a light pink? It's definitely more grey in real life but it does look a little pink when applied. Good pigmentation. 
  3. Shimmer champagne - A warm gold shimmer that blends into my NC20 skintone. Good pigmentation.
  4. Shimmer bronze - Looks a little red when applied and reminds me of Autumn leaves. Decent pigmentation
  5. Shimmer chocolate brown - A neutral chocolate brown that has gold shimmers. Good pigmentation. 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette SWATCHES
I think my favourite shades of this palette are Shade 1 and Shade 5. Shade 1 is a beautiful matte white which I could use every day and Shade 5 is a beautiful crease colour. I think all the shades in the palette are quite spot on as they would blend beautifully together and can create multiple no-fuss eyeshadow looks for every day purposes. All the shades have decent pigmentation and lasts around half a day on me. 
Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Eyeshadow Palette
I'm still not really sure what the instructions on the back mean. The two bubbles with "1 lid" shows that the first two shades are considered lid shades and the last three are considered outer corner/crease shades. I wouldn't consider Shade 3 to be an outer corner/crease shade but more of as a lid shade. 

Essence Eyeshadow Single in 16 Triple Choc MATTE BROWN
Along with the palette, I also picked up the Essence Eyeshadow Single in 16 Triple Choc which is a pretty matte chocolate shade. This isn't from the Happy Girls Are Pretty collection and I believe it's just part of their permanent collection. 
Essence Eyeshadow Single in 16 Triple Choc MATTE BROWN
I've recently been hitting pan on a couple of my favourite matte brown eyeshadows and I've been looking for some dupes/alternatives to try. My favourite everyday matte brown is Nudie from the Too Faced Natural Palette which can't be purchased as a single. 
Triple Choc appears to be a warm dark brown eyeshadow but it applies more like a neutral taupe brown shade instead. It's not as soft as the palette eyeshadows and it feels a little chalky when swatched. The pigmentation is also not as great as the palette but it can be built up to your preference. This eyeshadow is also surprisingly difficult to use with fingers as it's a bit dry. I'd recommend using brushes all the way with this eyeshadow as it's really not a good quality one. However, it looks incredibly natural and wearable. I think that it'd be quite hard to mess this one up so it's good for beginners. 
Happy Girls are Pretty palette SWATCH
L-R: Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4, Shade 5, 16 Triple Choc
Here are swatches of the Happy Girls are Pretty palette and the eyeshadow single. You can see how matte it is compared to the palette. 

Essence and Too Faced Comparison Triple Choc and Cashmere Bunny
L-R: Triple Choc, Cashmere Bunny
I think my hand must've been a bit shaky but this is a comparison swatch of Triple Choc and Cashmere Bunny from Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. I haven't panned Cashmere Bunny yet but I know I'm pretty close to it. Cashmere Bunny is definitely more pigmented than Triple Choc. I've only used one swipe of Cashmere Bunny compared to a heavy swatch of Triple Choc. Cashmere Bunny also appears to be slightly cooler and darker than Triple Choc but they're close enough. 

Essence and Too Faced Comparison Triple Choc and Cashmere Bunny The Balm Nude Tude
L-R: Triple Choc, Cashmere Bunny, Shade 1, Heaven (Too Faced Natural Eyes), Sassy (The Balm Nude Tude)
Here are a few more comparison swatches. You can see that Cashmere bunny is definitely a stronger matte shade than Triple Choc. Shade 1 of the Happy Girls are Pretty palette is more neutral than Heaven from the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette (which I've also panned on). Sassy from The Balm's Nude Tude Palette appears to be a shimmery version of Shade 1. The tones of Shade 1 and Sassy actually look quite similar when applied onto the eyelid.

Overall I'm pleasantly surprised at how often I'm reaching for the Happy Girls are Pretty palette. It's got a lovely selection of neutral shades that work amazingly together. I'm not too happy with the matte eyeshadow single but I wasn't expecting miracles from a drugstore matte. Still, it works well for an eyeshadow that can be used every day and costs less than a coffee. I'd highly recommend testing out the singles at the store before purchasing. 

Price and availability: $7.15 for the eyeshadow palette and $3.15 for the eyeshadow single at Priceline.

Repurchase: No for the palatte as I'm happy with one that I've got. Yes to the eyeshadow single but in other shades.

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Have you tried any Essence eyeshadows? What are your favourites? 


  1. Loving these "new look" essence shadows hon - great photos and swatches too ♥

  2. I have a few Essence products that I love (such good value for the price!) and this quad looks like it would be perfect for travelling or keeping in the desk at work for a little top up. I love how Essence use little touches like embossing the palettes or engraving their lipstick bullets that are usually reserved for more luxe brands!

  3. Essence is such a good brand for the price! I don't need any more eyeshadows but that palette looks really nice and would be awesome for anyone starting off with makeup! Loved your swatches xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  4. That palette looks wonderful. You've got me keen to head down to my local Priceline and do some swatching!

  5. I have such a weakness for their trend collections! Good on you for not buying any makeup for 15 days!

    I love the look of the eyeshadow palette, it's so pretty. :)

  6. Great swatches. This looks like a wonderful and versatile palette you'll use a lot!

  7. I'm loving the champagne and bronze shimmers from this cute palette and the embossed writing makes it such a little cutie. :D

  8. Great haul! I have this palette too, and I love it! The shades are just so pretty xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. I have few eye shadows form essence and i really like them :) that palette looks really pretty!


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