Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Gym/Workout Essentials

My Gym Essentials

Woooo my exams are finally over!! I'm looking forward to the holidays since this semester/year has felt so long and I definitely need a break...except I'm going to be working full time haha. For those who don't know, I joined a gym at the beginning of the semester and I've actually been enjoying it immensely. I originally aimed to go to at least two classes a week except I've been a bit lazy and there isn't always a class available when I have time to go. Since I've been relaxing and eating so much in the holidays, I've decided that I'll aim to go to the gym at least 3 times a week once the semester resumes next year and get temporary membership at my local gym for the upcoming summer holidays. I'm also going to try and incorporate morning exercise into my summer routine as I'll be full time working over the break and will probably be tired after work. 

Nivea Tinted Lip Balm ELF Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

For me, makeup has slowly crept into my life and now I find it a bit difficult to stop wearing makeup. So yes, unfortunately that means to the gym as well. I know wearing makeup to the gym or to exercise has quite a bad rep but I've done it (almost) every time that I've been to the gym. I rarely wear face makeup to the gym as it isn't good for your skin and can cause a myriad of problems (like breakouts and blackheads). 
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant

After my workouts, I like to spray on some deodorant just to keep fresh. My current favourite is the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea deodorant. I've got it in both a spray and roll-on version. The spray one is great for a quick touch up whilst the roll-on is excellent for the dryer seasons as it contains a quarter of moisturising cream for your skin! It also takes up less space in your bag which is another bonus. 
Laneige Moisture Power Essential Skin Refiner Clean and Clear Toner
Once I get home from the gym, I tend to use a toner to quickly cleanse my face to refresh it and to prep it for later cleansing. I have two that I use: the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner and the Clean and Clear Essential Oil Control Toner. These are great for cleansing and calming my skin down after the gym. The Laneige one also has a cooling effect which makes me feel so much better after a sweaty work out session.

I usually take a quick shower after that and then eat a small fruit snack just to replenish my energy (or a big egg based breakfast).  If I don't wash my hair then I'll spritz some dry shampoo in to neaten my hair. So that's it for all my gym essentials! Writing this post has made me excited to hit the gym again since I've been so lazy during the exam period.

What are your gym essentials?  

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  1. Lip balm is definitely an essential for me, and a hair band/bobby pins to keep my hair out of my face. :)


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