Friday, 7 August 2015

Review: MAC Speak Louder

Pinks are some of my favourite colours. There's just something so cute about pink lips! It makes me feel all dolled up and I think it's a really flattering colour on me. I used to love red lipstick as it's bold, strong and intense but I think I've come to realise that it's not always the most flattering colour on me. Pinks, on the other hand, are really up my alley! Enter MAC Speak Louder. 
MAC Lipstick Speak Louder Poppy Blue Pink Shade Review Australia

MAC describes it as a "clean poppy blue pink" which I think is pretty spot on when swatched on the skin. On my lips, Speak Louder appears more like reddish pink. In the tube, Speak Louder can appear to be a difficult and bold colour to wear but it translates extremely well on the lips. On the lips, the colour is more muted and the colour intensity is more of a medium rather than a high. If you're looking for a higher intensity, bright neon pink, Girl About Town is probably a better choice for you. On me, Girl About Town is a little too bright and pulls a bit too cool for my skin. 

As usual, Speak Louder has the signature vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks which is quite pleasant. The Creamsheen formula of Speak Louder means that it has a higher colour pay off compared to the Lustre line but doesn't feel as light and moisturising either. I would still recommend applying some lip balm underneath the lipstick but it's more of just a personal preference. It's not too drying by itself but it does feel slightly better with a light layer of lip balm underneath. I think the Creamsheen lipsticks are the best out of all the MAC lipsticks as it's the best balance between comfort and colour. Creamsheen lipsticks can also be sheered down to look similar to Lustres which is great as it's like getting two different lipsticks! All you need to do is:

  • Apply clear lipbalm (I recommend Nivea balms or Paw Paw ointment)
  • Gently dab the lipstick on the middle of your lips
  • Use a clean ring finger to gently brush the colour out

MAC Lipstick Speak Louder Pink Swatches Revlon Lipbutter Dupe
Left - MAC Speak Louder ; Centre - Revlon  Sorbet ; Right - Revlon Raspberry Pie

Here's a swatch in indirect natural lighting. I love how Speak Louder is a very solid and strong colour when compared to the Revlon Lipbutters. The Revlon Lipbutters are definitely one of my favourite formulas for every day wear but they aren't the best when it comes to colour payoff. All of my Lip Butters apply a bit streaky which is quite similar to the effect that tinted lip balms have.  

I think that Speak Louder is a colour that would look good on a majority of people. It's blue toned which means that it's flattering on most light to medium complexions and can easily enhance the whiteness of one's teeth. It's not too boring/dull and it's not too bright that it's dominating your face. I think I've actually worn it to an interview before and nothing bad came out of that! Speak Louder can last around 4-5 hours for me which is pretty average for a creamier lipstick. However, this is not too bad as it also leaves behind a delicate pink stain which looks quite pretty. 

Overall, this is definitely a favourite in my collection. It's a great all rounder and has such a creative name. It's arguably the most flattering colour in my collection but it's not always the most used. I do tend to break it out more often in Spring and Summer but perhaps I'll try to use it more in the cooler seasons too. 

Price and Availability: $36 from MAC counters in Myer or David Jones; Also available online at the MAC Cosmetics Australia site 

Repurchase: Yes

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  1. I love MAC lipsticks! I tried this out a while back when I was just getting into lippies. It's such a gorgeous shade, I'm definitely going to go back for another swatch x

  2. Yes! Love Speak Louder! One of my fave MAC pinks!! Found your post via Ingrid's Blog link up 😊

  3. What a lovely colour! I've never noticed it at MAC. Rach x

  4. What a gorgeous shade! I think it would be flattering on most people.


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