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Review: Daiso Waterproof Magical Eyeliner

Daiso Waterproof Magical Liquid Eyeliner
So in my last post, I mentioned that the Daiso Waterproof Magical Eyeliner was the best drugstore makeup bargain, Here's a more in depth post about how I feel about it. If I took everything into consideration, this eyeliner would be my top favourite eyeliner. Maybe even a holy grail since it's just so great as an all rounder eyeliner. Don't let the Daiso $2.80 eyeliner part put you off because I really think it is with trying out. I love it so much that I've already got 5 more at home as backups. 

Magical Eyeliner has a pretty basic liquid eyeliner set up as it comes in a small tube/tub with a brush that pulls out with the product. I prefer brush tips rather than felt tips as felt tips can wear away over time and with use, whilst brush tips generally last longer. Brush tips are also not as fine tipped in comparison to their felt tip competitors but I've found that this brush is sufficiently thin for my usage. The brush loads up with an insane amount of eyeliner due to the design of the tube so I would highly recommend wiping off the excess on the edge of the tube or on a separate tissue. The brush applicator also allows the user to vary the thickness of the line. This can be achieved by pressing harder on the brush whilst drawing (thicker) or using it lightly on the tip (thinner). 

Daiso Waterproof Magical Liquid Eyeliner
I didn't want to open a new tube just to take photos but this is basically the eyeliner packaging. I've used this particular tube for about 6 months now and it hasn't shown any sign of drying or ageing besides the fact that the outer label has been rubbed off. Just goes to show how well loved and used this eyeliner is! This eyeliner is quite bold and dark which might be intimidating to beginners but the brush tip applicator makes it very easy to apply, even for beginners. The brush tip also glides so easily over the lid and doesn't have much drag which is better for your eyelids.  When applied, the eyeliner can appear quite shiny, opaque and watery however it does dry down. It does have a slightly glossy look to it (which you can see in the photo below) but that doesn't really bother me anyways. 
Daiso Waterproof Magical Eyeliner brush tip
One of my earlier concerns over this eyeliner was whether it would smudge or fade or rub off during the day. Basically all the concerns you would have over buying and using an eyeliner that costs $2.80. I'm glad to report that this eyeliner does not smudge which is one of the reasons why it's amazing! It can fade over time if you keep touching your eye but otherwise it usually lasts a full day (7am to 7pm) for me. It is a little prone to being rubbed off but I try not to touch my eyes during the day anyways so it doesn't rub off on me. Since I've been going to the gym lately, I've discovered that the eyeliner doesn't really sweat off either. It does fade a bit when I'm super sweaty but usually it holds up decently. 

The eyeliner claims that it is waterproof but I've found that it's not even half waterproof if that makes sense. It just doesn't hold up with water. If water was splashed on it, it doesn't run or change which is good. However, it disappears completely when rubbed with water! So I wouldn't wear it swimming or to any event where I know I'll cry. Still for every grey cloud there's a silver lining and that's the fact that this eyeliner is so easy to remove at the end of the day. What's curious about this eyeliner is that I find it to be quite oil resistant but not water and pressure. No makeup removed required. Just a wet wipe or a wet tissue. I've even had a friend claim to just peel off the eyeliner with her nails though I haven't tried that before! (and I don't think I can because it seems to work differently on me). 

Daiso Waterproof Magical Liquid Eyeliner

I have to say that if I considered everything about this eyeliner (price and how well it works), then it would easily be my everyday holy grail eyeliner. Look at how sharp and dark the eyeliner is. Ido tend to pull my wings down just because my eyes slant upwards. It's not the best eyeliner I've used but it's the best eyeliner for it's price that I've ever used. I would gladly chose this over any other liquid eyeliner at Priceline, with the exception of the Physician's Formula 2 in 1 Eye Booster Liquid Pen Liner. The Physician's Formula liquid eyeliner costs around $30 so it's not really a bang for your buck when it's almost over 10 times what this Daiso one. I would probably even choose this over the Stila Stay All Day (gasp gasp!) simply just because I feel that Stay All Day was a little too watery for my liking. 

Daiso Magicial Eyeliner is basically my every day go to black liquid eyeliner. Some days, when I just don't feel like using liquid, I'll go back and use my MAC Fluidline Gel Liner in Blacktrack. But a majority of the time, I use Magical Eyeliner. It's just so easy and cheap to use for every day life like going to class, going to placement, going out for lunch etc. 

Price and Availability: $2.80 at Daiso stores 

Repurchase: Already have :)

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  1. Its great to find budget buys which actually perform.
    I love the puff and sponge cleanser.

  2. I'll have to give this eyeliner a go! I have seen this product at Daiso but am guilty of having walked past it thinking a $2.80 eyeliner can't possibly be that good to use. Oops, won't make that mistake again!

  3. Great review! I tried one of their earlier ranges of eyeliner and it wasn't the best, but it also wasn't the worst I've tried! Might have to give this one a go! xx

  4. Yep, you were right - you do apply eyeliner much more thickly than I do :P


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