Sunday, 30 August 2015

Candle Shopping At OzSale

Earlier this year, I saw one of my friends using a candle late at night when she was snuggling up in bed and it seemed so nice! I just love the soft glow of a candle. It was really relaxing being in a warm room with a lightly fragranced candle and a lava lamp in the corner. I was so mesmerised by the lava lamp but I can't really afford any on my student budget (and my student budget doesn't really accommodate for cool things like that). So I decided to buy some candles to spice up my room too! I purchased three from Ozsale which I love as they have so many great discounted products there!
lily and daisy petals soy candle bargain
I think I got these for $5 each which is a pretty good bargain. Not really sure if that was the exact price but it was definitely rather cheap and they both smell great. I also like how they're soy candles which are much better environmentally than paraffin candles which are made from petroleum oil. Soy candles also tend to burn longer and have a stronger scent than normal candles. 

Tea blossom hydrangea soy candle ozsale

They come in little glass jars and can last up to 30 hours which I think is pretty good value considering how much I paid for them. I'm loving the hydrangea candle so much that I'm saving it up for special occasions eg - de-stressing at night. 

Now I haven't tried this candle yet but I'm super pumped to do so! It smells incredibly fresh and comforting as my parents tend to prefer jasmine candles if we use candles. This candle didn't come in a glass jar so I'll have to find a cute dish for it....or I could grab a lamp style holder! 

I think I'm going to put the jasmine candle inside this cute candle holder that my friend Catherine got me for my birthday from Europe! It's a vintage looking lantern style candle holder which I think is so cool! It has such a nice rustic quality to it but the little porcelain bird on the top gives it a very modern feel. 

The package took about 2 weeks to deliver which I thought was alright as I expected longer based on online reviews of Ozsale. A little disappointing considering the fact that shipping is $10 but I can live considering how cheap the candles were. The candles were all packaged rather safely and had multiple layers of bubble wrap to protect them during their trip. Nothing came damaged though the soy candle boxes did have some scratches on them. I'd be happy to purchase more from Ozsale in the future but probably not candles again. 

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  1. I have really been loving burning scented soy candles lately. It is such a relaxing treat! These ones sound great and you definitely got a bargain.


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