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June Adventures

I feel like I haven't really done a life update in a while so here are some of the things I did in June/July. Mostly June things but just added in what I've been doing recently as well. Basically I just ate around a LOT and caught up with a lot of people! Didn't write about all of my food adventures (trust me that would take a whole other blog) but here are the highlights :) 

Reuben Hills Surry Hills Food Soft Baked Eggs

Finally went to Reuben Hills after 7 long years thinking about it! My high school/uni bus used to always drive past it in the mornings and afternoons so I would always see it on the bus but would never have the chance to go and check it out. I ordered the Soft Baked Eggs with jamon, kale, ranchero and rye. I hate to admit it but I found it a bit spicy but the baked eggs were amazing. There's just something magical about eggs and chicken that makes me so attracted to them. If I'm being honest then the soft baked eggs weren't as great as my favourite one at Penrith but the atmosphere did feel better. It has the usual Surry Hills young trendy cafe vibe 

Birthday Hotpot Food

My housemates Chloe and Iris made this incredible hotpot for Deepika's birthday! They're such amazing chefs and I'm so lucky to be able to spend time and learn from the wise masters of cooking. The hotpot was really nicely flavoured and had a lot of my favourite veges in it! 

Pho Pasteur Beef Noodle Soup Parramatta

One of my first meals back in Sydney was pho! I had such a craving for it up in Newcastle and ended up dragging my friends to Pho Pasteur in Parramatta! Got basically the biggest bowl which was the Special Beef Noodle Soup I think. Thinking about it again makes me crave it so much! My favourite part of the meal was the tripe! I love foods that have a chewy elastic consistency - like jellyfish and seaweed salad! :D

Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee
Most consumed drink would be this god awesome stuff - the Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee! I must've had like 5 of these every single day in the lead up to exams! I know coffee lovers don't particularly like instant powder coffee but it tastes incredible! I do enjoy the mocha flavour better than the Maxim Original Red Korean coffee but both still taste amazing! They taste sweeter than regular coffee but you can still taste and feel all the caffeine!  

Eye Makeup with Lancome Artliner

Upon my return to Sydney, my parents immediately put me hard at work to clean my room. It's lucky that I did because I happened to find some of my forgotten makeup again! I revived my old Lancome Artliner in Noir again and it seems to work just as well as before! There's really nothing like a good quality felt tip eyeliner pen to help draw those sleek cat eyes. I'm loving how thin and precise I can make get the line! I've definitely missed this with my gel liners. The formula is strong and opaque and not as watery as the Stila Stay All Day Liner. For me, it really had potential of becoming my HG liner. Unfortunately, using Artliner has also made me remember why I stopped using it in the first place and that's all to do with the felt pen style of the liner. Don't get me wrong - I love felt tip eyeliners!- that is until the tips of the pen start fraying and the liner becomes harder to control. I'm also aware of how much drag occurs on my lids when the tip becomes fraying and I just find that really irritating. 

The eyeshadows that I've used here is the Korres Eyeshadow Quad in Natural Collection. I used Light Pink all over the lid before adding Brun to the outer thirds of my eye. I then took Golden and lightly blended it in with Brun. I've accidentally used too much Golden on my left (photo right) eye but it does seem to show the colour pretty nicely. The formula of the eyeshadows haven't changed over the years (it was given to me by my mum) and I found them pretty easy to work with. Brun is a little bit harder to apply and blend compared to the others which is disappointing as brown eyeshadows are my favourite. The mascara used is the Maybelline Full and Soft waterproof mascara which is good for a natural lash look. 

Another photo using Lancome Artliner. I only used a blended combination of MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and Brun from the Korres quad. It's been almost 2 years and Painterly has yet to show signs of drying out so I'm definitely thrilled with how well it's kept over the years.

Strathfield Sunset

Beautiful purple sunsets with friends :) 

Sydney Cool Yule Festival 2015

Visited the Cool Yule Festival at Darling Harbour and it was so pretty! I mean there wasn't much that was different to last year but I think they improved the "snow" events and they even had a snow slide which looked pretty cool. The snow pit also looked amusing except it was just little kids playing there haha. We did end up riding the feris wheel which gave a spectacular view of the harbour. 

The Parramatta Winterlight festival was less exciting than the Darling Harbour one but they did have some pretty cute stalls on the side. They also had a deck for people to chill at and we even got given a bag of marshmallows! There's also 5 gigantic light rabbits "hidden" around Parramatta for people to find. Only found 3 so I wonder where the other two were...

Bondi to Bronte Walk

Also randomly decided to head out to Bondi which turned out to be a pretty fun day! Had brunch at Panama House near the beach and we got to sit in the little garden at the back! It was so cute and they had some flowers growing on the side which was a really nice touch. There were also some birds there scavenging for food when the guests besides us left but I love birds so that's alright! I got the chicken burger with chips and garlic aioli and it was good. There was a lot more vegetable than expected and the chicken was a bit drier than what I prefer. But the chips totally made up for it and I would go again just to eat the amazing chips!

We headed off to explore after that and somehow ended on the Bondi to Bronte Beach walk. I've got to admit that it's been ages since I've done anything as healthy as that and it was great! I'd actually go on more beach walks in the future! Just have to remember to wear the right clothes and shoes haha. Really unsure what I'm doing with my hands in that photo. Really make me wonder how models just know what to do with their bodies. I mean, here I am struggling to position my hands nicely for a tourist shot haha. I'm glad that I didn't choose to wear heels that day because I was quite tired by the time we got back to Bondi Junction. Would highly recommend to anyone who has the time as it has some great scenic views and it's actually rather peaceful up at the vantage point. 

Bondi to Bronte Walk

That's all I've got for now! Hope everyone is well and is having a lovely winter break :)

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