Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rewind and Replay

There's just so much to cover from the last few weeks (possibly months?) so I'm just going to write this in dot points. 

Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park Beach Camp

  • It was at Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park
  • Not recommending people actually going there because it has pretty bad accommodation**
    • ** There were no bathrooms in my room :(
    • Would recommend getting a room at a hotel/motel in the city area and just visiting Sundowner beach 
  • But the actual camp itself was pretty fun cos the people and the activities were great
  • Beach was super pretty as well 
  • Got to meet some nice people from my cohort 
  • Returned from camp pretty sick (eg - coughing and sneezing) and then ended up infecting a whole bunch of people in my house too
Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park Beach Camp View

  • Super busy and super tired #unilyf
  • Got a HDMI cable so that I could connect my laptop to the TV in my room 
    • Awesome because it means I can read my e-textbooks on a separate screen and just do my notes on my laptop in fullscreen mode
  • Had quite a few uni events as well such as camp, hospital events and random charity stuff and volunteering
  • Adopted a plant during Green Week. My only friend.


  • I'm actually starting to get better at cooking though I do have my lazy days 
  • Recently discovered chicken/fish tenders which are these nice crumbed pieces of meat that you can just bake and eat. Super tasty and I like it with salad and rice for a balanced meal 
  • Got sucked into world of microwaved mi goreng noodles so I was obsessed with them for a week 
Student Breakfast Tiger toast with Avocado, Egg, and Bacon

  • Tiger toast with Avocado, Egg, and Bacon. 

Homemade Student Sushi Cucumber, Seafood, Tuna, Carrot

  • Sushi Time! There's Tuna and Cucumber, Cucumber and Crab and Simplified California Rolls. Great for students since they're pretty tasty and they use pretty simple and cheap ingredients too. 
Homemade Jellyfish Salad Student Cucumber Carrot
  • Jellyfish Salad. 60% veges, 40% jellyfish, 100% water
Student Mushroom Chicken Clay Pot Rice
  • Caption already there because I was super proud of this dish. Took a while for me to work it out but it turned out pretty good. Clay pot rice will probably be a winter staple for me. 
  • Tried out a whole bunch of online stores/shopping since being in Newcastle without a car is super inconvenient
  • Will make a separate post about it since there are a few sites I want to talk about in more detail 
  • Includes Forever 21, ASOS, Aliexpress, Showpo, Abebooks and Ozsale
  • Recently started "running" but actually it's just a brisk walk/jog around my neighbourhood
  • Also started doing some yoga/dance in my room whenever I have time and energy and it's usually pretty fun though I'm worried I'll disturb my housemates 
  • I miss all my friends. It feels like everyone has a circle now and has cool outings but I'm still stuck in my room. My favourite part every week is leaving on Friday so at least I get to see people who care about me. 
  • I almost want to go back to old habits 
  • Changed to being a casual employee at work so that I can be a bit more flexible with my work times. Technically I quit but technically I also didn't 
  • Re: working + uni - At the beginning I found that it was alright and that I could handle it. But as the semester wore on, I felt that maybe it was my work that was preventing me from studying or socialising or relaxing more so I decided to change it up a bit. 
Hope everyone is well and happy! Exams are coming up for both uni and high school students so I'm wishing everyone the best of luck for their exams! :) 

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