Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Tony Moly I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet

A few months ago the Tony Moly stand in Market City had a sale going on so I decided to grab a few sheet masks to try out. Normally I prefer to make my own natural ones since I find them more effective and gentler on the skin but sheet masks are pretty convenient for those lazy days (like microwave migoreng noodles!). 

So Tony Moly actually makes a wide variety of sheet masks and I'm really liking the "I'm Real" line which features 11 different mask types which target varying skin concerns. The one that I'm reviewing today is the Avocado one which is for Nutrition. The back of the package says "makes dull skin look radiant and glowing". Always good to know what to expect from a mask. Instructions on the back are pretty basic (and in Korean) but the main idea is to prep the skin prior to using the mask and to leave it on for about 20-30 minutes which is pretty standard for a sheet mask. You can also massage the skin after removing the mask to make sure that it absorbs all the good nutrients :)

So inside the cute package is just a folded 3 layer sheet mask soaking in milky serum. There was definitely excess serum so I gently patted that onto my neck and chest (gotta spread the good stuff around!). The mask itself is made of rayon pulp instead of the usual cotton. I'm usually not a huge fan of pulp masks since the fit of the mask tends to be a little uneven. Pulp masks are also a bit thinner which means that the milky serum water will evaporate faster. 

The mask was true to it's purpose (nutrition) and it made my skin feel really refreshed and moisturised afterwards. I think that it would be great for those with normal to dry skin as it is pretty thick and hydrating. Unfortunately I think those with oily skin might find that the milky serum is a little too greasy or thick but the price is pretty decent so it might be worth trying out. Whilst Tony Moly doesn't explicitly state that the mask is suitable for sensitive skin, the mask didn't break me out or make my skin feel itchy etc. The mask also has a fragrance which stuck to my face for a bit but it wasn't offensive. It definitely didn't smell like avocado and it was relatively pleasant and calming.

Overall I'm really happy with my first Tony Moly experience. I heard that it was mainly a "high school kids" brand in Korea so I was a little doubtful of the quality of their products but this mask has definitely proved that wrong. I've already purchased multiple backups of the avocado mask as well as more of the different options in the range to test over the coming weeks. If anyone is interested, I'd recommend buying singles to try out before buying larger packs.

Price and Availability: $2-3 per sheet at Tony Moly stalls or ~$1.25 each for a pack of 20 at Aha Beauty stores in Strathfield or Parramatta OR online at

Repurchase: Yes!

PS - I'm in the process of blogging about the last few weeks except the post keeps growing with every day I waste so yeah. Might be a while guys :')

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  1. I love sheet masks! And as you say, it's so convenient to use! I really like the look of this, i'm a sucker for bright packaging and anything with avocado in xxx


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