Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review: Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Finally reviewing this cult mascara! I've heard so many wondrous things about this mascara and I've been tempted by it for so long. I'm lucky since I grabbed several samples last year when Benefit was doing a mascara swap.

Benefit (and numerous followers) claim that this very mascara can do everything that I've wanted from a mascara - it can curl, lengthen, volumize, lift and separate lashes whilst being smudgeproof and long lasting! As you can see that's a very long list of claims and I think that's what already sets this mascara for failure.
Benefit They're Real Mascara
The brush is made of hard plastic bristles which are great at separating lashes. The downfall of these types of brushes is that they aren't always the easiest to use. I've poked my eyes on many occasions and this wand makes it feel like your eye is being maced. The formula isn't waterproof and quite smudgy so the result is a beautiful looking black panda eye.

However once applied, the mascara does look quite nice. I have love/hate relationship with this mascara. The formula is watery which volumizes my lashes with just one coat! It darkens up my lashes and adds so much volume! It's my go to mascara when I'm wearing glasses since it does have a really nice dramatic look to it. (TIP - Wait for the mascara to dry for a good 30 seconds before putting on glasses to avoid mascara on the lenses). The wateriness of the formula is also what prevents it from holding a curl for my wimpy asian lashes. It weighs down my lashes if I curl before mascara. If I curl after application the results are great! Except I wouldn't really recommend that since curling after mascara is quite damaging on eyelashes.

Another problem I had with this mascara was that it was definitely not smudgeproof or waterproof. Now it doesn't claim to be waterproof in the first place but I've found that removing the mascara can be a pretty tough job. It sticks on so tightly to my lashes when I want to remove it except it's also a smudge bomb during the day. I don't even have oily eyelids or oily skin so I don't know what's causing this mascara to smudge so much! I find that I have to carry some wipes with me during the day to fix up my mascara which is annoying. Regular waterproof eye makeup wipes also don't do the trick when it comes to removing it. I have to use liquid eye makeup remover to fully get it out. I know Benefit specifically sells a makeup remover for this mascara since it's that potent!

Overall I do feel as though this mascara does live up to some of the hype. If I had longer lashes that were naturally curly then I think this mascara would be amazing to use as it does volumize and darken lashes extremely well. However it's ability to hold a curl and cause smudging within an hour are both reasons why I wouldn't ever purchase this mascara. I can definitely appreciate what it does do but the price and performance ratio just isn't working out for me. I also feel like I had my expectations set too high for this mascara so everything didn't seem that impressive when I actually tried it out. Having said that I think I'm still going to be able to use up these samples since I do love the dramatic look that it gives.

Price and Availability: $38 from Benefit Counters in Myer or David Jones.

Repurchase: No there are other mascaras in that price bracket that I much prefer


  1. A shame you didn't like it too much! I absolutely love this one, but my lashes are nice and curled to begin with so I'm really lucky there. While I've heard this one to be extremely hyped up, I've also heard a lot of reviews like yours as well. I think it's not for everyone! Great review though! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. Finding a mascara that holds a curl for Asian lashes is the hardest! I do like this, though, but sadly, it is relatively pricey.


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