Saturday, 7 March 2015

Pringles and Pasta

Pretty sure the highlights of my week were both my grocery shopping trips to Jesmond. A little sad but there isn't really that many things to do around Newcastle unless you have access to a car. A friend took me around on Tuesday and we had super cheap $5 fish and chips! I definitely think it's tastier than $6 for 2 fish and chips at Merrylands. I was still hungry after that so I ended up getting some kind of Woolworths generic brand of Pringles for 99c and they were also pretty good. I ended up finishing the whole tube in a few days since I was using them as a study snack. 

We also started Dance together and it turned out to be super fun! I woke up on Wednesday completely fine (for sleeping at 2:30 anyways) and I wasn't sore! Must've been all the stretching that we did before and after~ The time isn't the best since I have closing tutorial on Wednesday morning which means I have to work harder during the weekend to finish my Learning Targets by Tuesday sigh.

On Wednesday my housemates and I caught the bus from uni to Broadmeadow for the Farmer's Night Market for food. Unfortunately the Newcastle Fair was being set up/happening so the Farmer's Market didn't actually run this week. Super disappointing since I've heard many tales of the fresh tasty food that I could've had. I guess next time I'll have to check the online site just to confirm that it's on before going.

We ended up walking to Hamilton and having cheap but tasty pasta~ I got the Siciliana Penne and it was really delicious! Actually the sauce was a little spicy but I didn't notice until I was halfway through. It was the right level of spiciness though and I just added in more cheese to distract myself.

After that we decided to get gelato for dessert. I tried both the Cookies flavour and the Green Tea flavour but got Green Tea in the end since I always get cookies and cream stuff anyways. It was really nice since it wasn't the super sweet matcha green tea flavour. 

So on Thursday I caught the university shuttle bus to Jesmond to buy snacks and decided to just troll around Big W for the lols. Actually really glad that I did that because they had $1 thongs, $5 sneakers, $5 swimwear and $3 food containers. Living the student lyf is so hard. None of the items looked super cheap (maybe the sneakers) but they're just really basic items to have so I don't expect much. The Big W in Jesmond seems way cheaper than my local one in Sydney so I guess I'll be hunting around for more bargains in the future. 

Second week of uni has been alright. People are really hardcore and I always feel like I haven't done enough work even though I semi think I have? Also need to make more friends but everyone just goes home in the breaks and I'm left with nothing much to do again. I thought it'd be easier to get to know people but it's just been a lot harder than I thought and I feel quite lonely and disconnected. Tutorials are turning out to be alright and that's the same with a lot of my other subjects. We also got to look at cadavers which was pretty awesome. They did warn us about talking about this stuff on social media etc but I haven't disclosed anything personal so it should be fine right? 

I'm trying to maintain a good blogging schedule these days but it's hard during the week since I usually have homework or readings to do. I also can't beauty blog as much since I don't have my DIY lightbox that's falling apart or all my products with me. I guess I could always try to take the photos in Sydney and then write the posts in Newcastle but that'll depend on a lot of things. I'm planning to take some photos later tonight so keep your eyes peeled for another beauty review in the next few days :)

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