Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Week Recap

Thursday: Went out shopping for the morning and then had a blood test. Went to a friend's birthday dinner and it was pretty chill. Bit awkward but alright in the end. We went to BBQ City in Town Hall. Might upload the menus later. They have pretty standard prices for a Korean BBQ restaurant.
I decided to get the seafood hand made noodles. They were pretty tasty but thin I suppose. The seafood included a few prawns, several pipis, two mussels and some random scallops floating around. Not too shabby for a seafood dish that cost less than $15 so reasonably priced. The soup was a little bland but I guess that just makes it a healthier option for those who are interested. 
I suppose the unhealthy option would be to get the Spicy Korean Fried Chicken which looks absolutely delicious. Didn't eat any but it definitely smelt great but the guy that was eating it said it was just meh and that the chicken didn't have that much meat on it. 

Friday: Woke up super early to catch the early train to the city to do a first aid course with a friend who got into dentistry. 10 minutes before we were going to arrive at the venue, the company texted and called everyone to say that the instructor was sick and the next one would be coming in an hour. Super annoyed because I already woke up early. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the instructor turned out to be pretty cool and pretty much shrunk down the course and passed everyone yay! Ate KFC for lunch and I ate so fast omg. I got pimples the day after so I'm angry at KFC at the moment.

Saturday: Work. Nothing new. Very tired and had to start sorting my crap out again. 

Sunday: Went to visit a friend's place. Also had to return some books since they so generously let me borrow them for a whole year! Sat around and chatted for a while before I went for driving lessons. I'm slowly logging more and more hours except these days I think I'm a little bit too confident because I've begun to slack off. And it's really apparent when I accidentally speed or almost hit the curb idk. 

Later I went to a farewell dinner at Maenam Lao and Thai which was....disappointing. I had the Cashew Nut Hokkien Noodles with duck and wow that dish was oily. Like seriously greasy and oily. I wish I could've dried my noodles before I ate them. The duck was definitely really tasty but the dish got sickening after a while. 
Everyone wanted dessert afterwards so we decided on My Sweet Memory since Oliver Brown was completely packed on a Sunday night which is kind of weird. I ordered the Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake which I thought was regular cake but turned out to be cheesecake. I like cheesecake in theory but I actually don't like the taste of cream cheese too much. Still it wasn't too bad. The crust tasted a little bit stale after a while and I got a little sick the day after so I'm not sure if it was bad or not. The slice cost almost $7 I think so I know I'm not going to be getting that again. 

Monday/Tuesday - Headed up to Newcastle for O week! I sprayed the mould in my room with some vinegar so I hope it dies soon. Also added some wall decorations so the place looks a lot fresher and more customised now. Tuesday had a terrible start since I woke up slightly later than expected and then ended up late to the general orientation. The tours were supposed to start at 10am and I got there at 9:50am but then it turned out they already made groups! Everyone is so efficient and organised sigh. Time to get my act together I suppose. 

After the bushwalk tour, we ended up in a small lecture room where we got bombarded by all the societies and uni life stuff. Most of it was pretty interesting and it made me want to join lots of societies. The free food was average but I was extremely hungry by the end so I didn't really care. Also a lot of people already had friends and when I asked it was cos they met in the colleges and stuff and it made me a little sad. I kind of regret not going to a college for the first year or first semester of uni but I guess its because at the time I thought that it was super expensive and I didn't want to be a burden on my parents sigh. I need to stop feeling guilty about my whole existence. 

Wanted to join badminton but they only play on weekends so dream crushed. Wanted to join cheerleading but they seemed too hardcore and I don't really have the body type for it. There's also the Society Sports which include dance! Super affordable but I'm just a little worried about it ending late. 

Wednesday: Sold a few textbooks, had a few appointments, went over to a friend's place to pick up some studying material (so eager I know) and then went to buy some groceries. I'm really loving how convenient the opal cards are but I swear some of my trips are actually a lot more expensive than the paper tickets. Oh wells. I also think I over topped up my card but I was getting paranoid that I wouldn't have enough funds left since I'm anticipating a lot of weekly travelling. Oh and Happy Chinese New Years Eve! I had the biggest feast ever and we did it homemade/restaurant style again. I've forgotten how much I loved the fake tofu meats since we don't eat it often. 

Sorry this whole blog post is like word/story vomit but I'm super exhausted right now and I just want to sleep and look beautiful for the New Year. 

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