Monday, 2 February 2015

Sushi Adventures

Sushi Hotaru
Had a pretty busy day today! I wanted to book a first aid course to do with a friend through Groupon but it turned out that all of the dates that were left weren't very ideal for me or were during uni so I decided to ask for a refund. Fortunately Groupon was really good and let me get a full refund back into my account. I was pretty nervous as I've heard pretty dodgy stories about them but their quick customer service may have changed my mind. 

After sorting that out, I drove to Officeworks to buy a cheap printer for uni. The guy said the printer didn't come with a usb cable so I got one thinking that a printer for $47 wasn't that bad but then it turns out that I already have the exact same cord at home sigh. Could've saved $10 urgh. I wonder if I could refund that too.....

Tried driving for a bit more at the empty carpark there but it got a little awkward when the delivery trucks started coming in and I was blocking up the whole pathway by trying to park haha. I decided to take my mum out for sushi train since she's recently been having seafood cravings too. We went to the Sushi Bay in Merrylands and tbh our experience was pretty mediocre. The staff were pretty slow and the store wasn't even that busy considering it was Monday afternoon past the peak lunch hour.

Sushi Bay Merrylands
 My favourite seaweed salad placed in a cute shell.

 This was mainly what my mum ate but she shared some with me since it was pretty big. Karaage Chicken Don. Rice seemed a little dry but the miso soup made up for it. 
Sushi Hotaru Sydney
I had both the red and black flying fish roes! They both taste pretty much the same though the black ones have a slightly sour taste to them whilst the red ones are a little sweeter in comparison. They're pretty much the same thing anyways. I think the difference is that the black ones have squid ink or something. Also grabbed a jellyfish ship and a grilled prawn platter but those were my first dishes and I started eating it before I got to take a photo :( 

Mum always says I've got expensive and picky tastes but I don't think so. I mean I like eating those things when I go out because it's not like I can make them at home anyways. Plus I tend to gravitate towards white meat which is usually more expensive too :(

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