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Review: Chi Chi Blending Sponge + Life Update

Chi Chi Blending Sponge Review Myer

I've always wanted to try a Beauty Blender ever since they became popularised on Youtube. Unfortunately everything is hard to access in Australia and I was not about to pay $25 + shipping for just a sponge that I haven't even seen or felt in person. The great thing about popular new products is that if you wait a while, eventually another company will see it as "cash on the table" and attempt to satisfy some of the demand for the product #economics. The Chi Chi Blending Sponge isn't really a new deal since it's been out a while but I could never find this specific one. 
Chi Chi actually makes FOUR different blending sponges but I've heard that the others don't grow as much when wet. I can't test this for myself as I only have one but so far this sponge has been working as expected. The yellow sponge resembles the shape of the Beauty Blender the most but I think it's the thought that counts. Both the Chi Chi Blending Sponges and the Beauty Blender are made of non-latex foam and can be used for a variety of face products. 

Application: When dampened with water, the sponge will soak it up and expand much like the Beauty Blender. It doesn't really expand to double it's size but you would be able to tell if it were a wet sponge or a dry sponge which is good enough for me. I tried to use the sponge with a different foundation every day just to see how it would work with different types of foundations. I know that other people may have different experiences since everyone has different skin types/condition but here's mine just for the sake of the review. 

Gel Foundation - MAC Studio Sculpt (thick, silicone based): Blending sponge worked extremely well with one layer and was much faster than using a brush. However second layer seemed to cake on unless you add more water to rehydrate the sponge. A little annoying but the finish is definitely really dewy and healthy especially since the foundation itself is dewy. 

Liquid Foundation - Lancome Teint Visionnaire (watery, silicone based): Blending sponge worked pretty nicely but it was a little harder to clean out afterwards. Some of the coverage seemed to be lost in comparison to using a brush but the actual foundation coverage isn't too high to begin with. Looks very natural but takes longer to blend than with a gel foundation. 

Liquid Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow (watery, water based): Blending sponge was alright. I felt that it soaked up a lot of product and I only had a small sample pot to use anyways. Many Youtubers often use a Beauty Blender to apply NARS Sheer Glow and it gives them a really radiant and fresh look. I'm not sure if it's just my dry skin but I felt that the foundation still seemed to emphasise my dry patches. Cleaning the sponge however was super easy so bonus for that. 

Chi Chi Blending Sponge

A disappointing point for the sponge was that it ripped after a week! I'm not sure if that was just because I applied a little too much pressure whilst I was washing it but it just seemed to have broken overnight. It's not really an issue seeing as I only use the tip and the bottom of the sponge for blending anyways. 

As usual, Chi Chi has again astounded me with their affordable, quality makeup. The Chi Chi Blending Sponge worked as I expected which leaves me pretty satisfied. It was my first experience with a blending sponge and I actually enjoyed it immensely. I don't think it'll be something I use daily since I get anxious over hygiene and I wash it immediately after use every morning. 

Price and Availability: $6 online at ChiChi or in store at selected Myers

Repurchase: Yes

Also: LIFE UPDATE! I started uni/living alone last week and it was pretty hectic. I always have to think about my next meal but jks I do that anyways. The main difference is that I actually have to get up and cook the food that I want to eat. I think I've been eating relatively healthy so I need to maintain this pattern. Noticed two extra pimples on my face which means I should eat more vegetables or something. Sometimes I'll be trying to socialise but other times I'll be busy doing nothing in my room and that's sad. Once I did laundry for fun. Yes you read that correctly - FOR FUN. Class has started which means real work will be coming in soon. Still having conflicted emotions about work since I want more monies but we'll see how that goes first. Basically I'm the same as usual but more stress, more time wasting and more loneliness. Also seriously considering buying a pair of real sport shoes for exercise or dance or bushwalking (aka walking around the university). Newcastle is changing me so much already. 

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