Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Return to Two Good Eggs

Two Good Eggs Cafe Surry Hills Two Good Eggs Breakfast
Another tasty brunch with friends at Two Good Eggs! This place is easily becoming one of my favourite brunch places since most of the things on their menu are suitable for me. Once again I got the same dish which was the Two Good Eggs Breakfast! 

Two Good Eggs Cafe Surry Hills Breakfast Bacon Eggs Mushroom
It really doesn't look that exciting but it has all the foods that I would enjoy and eat. This is the kind of breakfast I would make myself if I were living alone and had time in the morning hehe. There's sourdough toast, eggs, hashbrowns, roasted mushrooms, bacon and tomate! Tomate is such a nice dipping sauce but I'm still confused as to what it really is. Obviously it's tomato sauce but I wonder if they make it....

Two Good Eggs Cafe Surry Hills Guava Juice
Ordered a guava juice this time instead of tea since I was in the mood for something cooling. It tasted alright but I didn't think it was very good guava juice. Usually guava juice is either too sour for me but this one was alright because it tasted very watery.

Two Good Eggs Cafe Surry Hills Buttermilk Pancakes
My friend ordered the buttermilk pancakes and they looked amazing! Sweet stuff isn't really my thing especially early in the morning but doesn't that dish look amazing?! Definitely very nicely presented :) I would consider going back just to try out the pancakes hehe. 

After that we just went to chill at Westfields and I got a student diary from Typo! It had cute doughnuts all over it so it looked super tasty. Wanted to get some new shoes but didn't really see anything I liked/any good sales so I'll just leave it for next time that I'm out. We went back to revisit out "caps" days and we ended up taking two sets! I forgot how stressful the posing could get but I think they've improved the decorating stations since the time seemed to freeze at 60secs and we could take our time in decorating which was great! They enlarged my eyes so much that it became so creepy haha

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