Sunday, 8 February 2015


Super exhausted so I'll just make this quick. On Friday I had to go GP to get my immunisations done and my regular GP wasn't in so I just went to this other one that I've never been before. I tried going there when I was in primary but they didn't accept new people so I didn't try again for a decade lmao. He's super nice and there was no one there so maybe I'll consider going to him more. After that I went out with some of my new housemates and we just chilled around Sydney. 
 Lunch at Mappen. Even though I didn't feel too good after having the seaweed there last time, I couldn't resist its siren calls cry.
 Watermelon squash or something at Kanzi. It was ok. Tasted like real watermelon but I swear there was a bit of honey or sugar in it too.
After that I went to have dinner with some family friends who I haven't seen in a while. Went to have Greek food and's not my thing lol. My phone ran out of battery so no photos :( But it was just some kind of beef salad with lots of cheese. 

Went work on Saturday. Felt super awkward because I was told to get to work at 8:00 instead of 9:15 but like there was nothing to do anyways? Tried to set up chairs and stuff but I'm too short to reach the stacks unless someone takes all the top ones first. Went home and frantically packed.

Today I drove half the way to Newcastle! I had to stop at one of those resting areas on the freeway since people kept horning me because I could only go a max speed of 80 and the freeway was like 120 lol. Still got a good amount of practice though~ Cleaned and moved most of my stuff into my room. Didn't realise how big the wardrobe would be which is great because now I know I can bring more clothes. Need to bring more hangers though because I'm used to having a small hanging section and a large shelving area but this one is the opposite. Still feel like I need more clothes though. 

This is going to sound so unhygienic to some people but I'm so used to going UNSW and then very rarely having the same people in my classes so I could usually get away with rotating 2 outfits per week max and still look like I was always changing but now I'm going to have to rotate 5 outfits. Such a first world problem really and I bet/hope most people don't care lol. 

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