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Chanel Mademoiselle

Chanel Mademoiselle Lipstick

Isn't this the most gorgeous luxurious lipstick ever?! I've been lusting after a high end lipstick since I finished high school but I've always been a bit hesitant. After all you can get some great lip products from the drugstore these days and you can easily find those discounted during the sale seasons too. 

I first heard about this lipstick at Myer when the lady next to me was looking for a "pretty interview appropriate colour" at the Chanel counter. The SA actually recommended her one of the Rouge Allure Velvets (matte lipsticks) but the lady said it seemed too drying. She then tried on this very shade and she looked amazing! She looked so professional (she was wearing a suit) and that's when I got super interested. I swatched the colour on my hand and loved it immediately but back then I didn't have a job yet so buying a $50 lipstick was definitely not something I wanted to rush. 

Chanel Mademoiselle Lipstick

So the amazing shade I chose is 05 Mademoiselle which looks a little dull and brown-red in the tube but turns out to be a soft rose red colour (aren't I great with descriptions?!?) and it's from the Rouge Coco line. Most of the lipsticks in this line have a satin/semi matte finish and are more pigmented than the Rouge Coco Shines. The Shines are quite lightweight and remind me of a Revlon Lipbutter like product so I didn't think that those were worth trying out. Like all Chanel makeup, Mademoiselle is scented with the signature Chanel rose fragrance. I found the smell to be quite light but refreshing in comparison to my Chanel powder which is quite strongly fragranced.

On me the lipstick can last maybe 4-5 hours but it will eventually fade over time. I love how rich the formula is since it helps increase the longevity of the lipstick and prevents it from drying out my lips. I wouldn't say that it's a long wearing product but it does last a bit longer than an average lipstick.It feels quite light for the coverage and pigmentation that you're getting so that's also a bonus since I don't like the feeling of constantly having something on my lips. Definitely my favourite formula out of all the lipsticks I've used in the past!

Chanel Mademoiselle Lipstick Swatches
Left - Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle (one swipe)
Middle - Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie (three swipes)
Right - MAC Plumful (two swipes)

The colour is amazing! I don't think this swatch can show how great the shade really is! After my research I was hoping for the Vanessa Peradis look but this shade seems to look different on everyone. I guess it's because it isn't super pigmented so a part of your natural lip colour will show. In comparison to similar shades I have, both Berry Smoothie and Plumful have more shine than Mademoiselle, which has a rich satin finish to it. Berry Smoothie also needed quite a few swipes to reach that level of pigmentation but I think it does look like a lighter shimmer version of Mademoiselle. 

I picked up this lipstick about a month ago whilst I was doing some errands in the city. I went back to the same Myer Chanel counter that I first saw it at but the SA told me that they had discontinued the shade and were going to reformulate it??? I was so devastated as this sort of thing always happens to me but luckily I popped over to the Chanel in David Jones and they had it in stock! I grabbed it immediately but it turns out they must've done a price increase recently because it was $52 instead of $50. So essentially I waited and I ended up paying more. I don't really mind though because I'm really loving it and putting it on makes me feel so grown up and elegant. 

Price and Availability: $52 at Chanel counters at David Jones (or Myer if they actually have stock)

Repurchase: Yes

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  1. Wow the shade looks great. Love how a lipstick can transform you and make you feel so much better! I have yet to own anything from Chanel but since I just found a job I'll think this situation will change very soon!

    Wendy xx


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