Sunday, 1 February 2015

Craving Crab

Just woke up from a mini nap after work and fried rice is what I was dreaming of. Specifically this fried rice! A few weeks ago my friends and I went out to watch the Imitation Game and before that we had Thai for lunch. Normally I'm not a huge fan of Thai food seeing as my parents can make half the stuff anyways but we were over near Thai town in in Central so we just chose a place that had enough seats for 8 (which isn't an easy find during the Sydney peak lunch hour). 

I forgot the name of the restaurant we went to but it was on Campbell Street and it was close to the George Street side. I ordered "Fried Rice Crab" from the lunch specials menu and it was so good! The rice was a little dry but personally I prefer eating drier things (like mandarins) so it all worked out in the end. It doesn't look amazing in the photo since it's really just rice, eggs, corn, cucumber and crab but it's the simplicity of it that I loved the most. They actually had real crab meat in it but there weren't many pieces and it's just all sort of mixed together. I'm impressed seeing as I expected it just to be those crab strips anyways. I'm also not really used to using lemon with fried rice so that was an interesting experience. 

One day I'm going to make this for myself seeing as it's such a simple dish. The only ingredient that's hard to get would probably be the crab because getting the flesh out is always a pain. If I knew the name of the restaurant I would totally recommend! Oh and a couple of my friends got the curry dish but they both thought it was too spicy so just a heads up in case anyone was interested in going :) 

Oh and sorry for the weirdly edited photos! My new theme stretches images for the title page so now I either have to take all my photos in landscape form or just edit them so they fit better. I'm still working out how to change the dimensions but I've already spent so long tweaking the html that I'm not really bothered anymore. 

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