Friday, 20 February 2015

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Spent yesterday at the temple which wasn't too bad. The speakers were all interesting even though it was hard for me to understand. We also got to eat lots of vegetarian dishes which were all super tasty! They even had heaps of options for dessert but I got red velvet and vanilla cupcakes since they looked the cutest. 
Went out to the city today to sell my last textbook! I'm finally free which means I can actually start unenrolling yay! Met up with a bestie to just shop around and eat. Of course we went to Sushi Hotaru since they have really tasty food that isn't too expensive. First I had my favourite Flying Fish Roe ship mmm I love the feeling of the eggs popping in my mouth. 
The takoyaki here is also really good. You only get four balls but they're freshly made and really hot. Sauce wasn't the best but for $3 I can't really complain. 
I also got this fried chicken roll off the train which was pretty good. The chicken was still really warm and I liked the sauce a lot. 
I also had a jellyfish ship and a soft shelled crab hand roll which were great. Everything I ordered is part of my favourites! I'm going to miss such cheap and tasty sushi train when I'm up in Newcastle. Still I've been learning to make tasty sushi at home but they never really taste the same as the ones you get at these places.

After food we just walked around as we usually do. We stopped by the Chinese Lantern Festival at Darling Harbour but we didn't really look around. Most of the stalls seemed to be promotional ones which aren't that interesting if they aren't giving out freebies lol. 

My friend also gifted me a bracelet! I haven't been super interesting in jewellery for a while since I've been a bit busy but now that I have time I'm lemming some jewels. It's so pretty and it's actually pretty much the same as the one another friend has but I still really like it. It's a little loose at times but I think the movement won't be too annoying eg - it won't fall off or anything. I like how there's three tones to it which make it more interesting than just a single coloured bracelets. I already have a clear quartz bracelet but I found that it was a little bland and harder to use as a statement piece but also a little too dressy for day to day wear. Hopefully I'll wear this one more often :) 

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