Thursday, 1 January 2015

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Every year I watch the fireworks with my family. Every year I bring along next year's diary with me so I can write down all my new year resolutions in the front cover during the long 6 hour wait until midnight. Last/this year I didn't bring a diary. I didn't buy one. I think I'm starting to grow out of wanting to write down all my thoughts and memories. I mean, I do that already on this blog and through photos and through my calender on my phone. We're so digitalised these days that writing every day into a paper diary just feels like a chore rather a medium to vent out our thoughts and feelings. Anyways I made a mental resolution list that I'll eventually type up on my phone or something.

Looking back at 2014 I realised that I didn't achieve most of my resolutions in full. I achieved all to some extent but it never really feels the same as achieving something outright. I used to think that all that was needed to achieve resolutions was just will power. But a lot of the times, desire and intent can be overridden by other factors such as time, energy and health. Thinking about things is easy. But actually doing is much harder. Which is why I'm always stressing. 2014 wasn't the best of all my years. It was the one with the most freedom but also the one with the most stress and pain. At the beginning of uni, every class felt like it was mocking me. A reminder that I had failed to achieve my 2013 goals.

Despite this I'm really proud of some of the things that I've done in 2014. Joining a leadership camp and promoting it. Volunteering at for Bright Sparks and the Soup Kitchen. Working every weekend and committing to it. Going to PASS classes. Cooking. Learning to drive. 

So for 2015 I'm going to try and set less goals but commit to them as much as possible. Because it's probably going to work better that way. 

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