Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Week + NOTD

This morning I went out with my family to go sofa shopping! Parents have been thinking of changing some of the furniture in the house so we went to lots of showrooms to have a look at our options. I saw a few that I liked but parents didn't like them because they were either too big or had the wrong number of seats = bad feng shui. Sofa shopping is serious business guys. We popped by IKEA too and I actually saw some cute wall art that I liked but I've already moved past that stage in my life :( Got a few cute pillow cases though and I might be getting a new wardrobe since some of the shelves in my current one are breaking. 

Recap of my week:
Monday - Work
Tuesday - Went City to shop and eat
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Work
Friday - Appointment then popped in later for a few hours of work 

After my appointment on Friday, I went to Chemist Warehouse to pick up a prescription and noticed that they had a makeup sale going on! 50% off Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel and Sally Hansen. I know that they always have some kind of sale going on but this time it was for a couple of brands and the makeup section was pretty neat and empty? Since I was the only person there I took my time and ended up getting two mascaras, an eyeshadow and a nail polish. I haven't really used nail polish in a while and I haven't tried many western nail polishes so I decided to try the Rimmel 60 second nail polish in 210 Ethereal. 

The colour on the bottle definitely looks prettier than how it is applied. I originally assumed the colour would be a shimmery nude pink but it turns out its a shimmery lilac colour. Sometimes it looks pinky and sometimes it looks like lavender. Either way I still really like the colour as it's very easy to wear. I was less impressed with the formula as it is quite translucent and a little streaky at times. The brush was fatter than the brushes I'm used to but that made it easier to apply the polish (and to get it on my skin as you can tell cries). 

I used three coats to reach the colour intensity in the photo above. Even then the colour still isn't opaque but it does look very pretty and girly. For a more natural but polished look, one coat would be sufficient to give some shimmer and life to your nails but I think I like the look of three coats more. 

Now everyone knows that when a brand makes a statement about their products, it's usually a little exaggerated. A super thin layer of the first coat did indeed take 60 seconds but a regular layer took at least 2 minutes. My overall time for painting my nails was 10 minutes which is still pretty impressive for a DIY manicure. So far (two days) my nails haven't chipped yet so I guess I'm relatively pleased with the polish. Plus it was only around $3 which is pretty affordable as nail polish goes. 

Tonight I might try to make some blended oreo drinks since it's super hot in Sydney right now. Tomorrow seems to be cooler which makes it an ideal day to go out but unfortunately there's trackwork everywhere this weekend urgh. Sydney Trains needs to get their stuff together. 

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