Sunday, 25 January 2015

Merrylands Meetup

Urgh Sydney is melting today! I woke up at around 7 and it was already like 27 degrees in my room sigh. Next time I'll try to keep the air conditioning on. Anyways I woke up early because I'm slowly beginning my journey of following my parents whenever they cook. Gotta learn all the restaurant secrets and apply when I go to live alone hehe.

I started off with pretty simple stuff like congee and flower scroll buns. The buns were okay to make but for some reason mine don't look very nice....they kind of look rectangular but no matter how I move my hands they end up a bit thinner and rectangular :( Maybe this will be the beginning of a new trend in chinese buns haha. I also made some wontons but we won't be cooking those until dinnertime. 

Later I drove to Merrylands to have lunch with some friends. I didn't realise that they started doing a 3hr parking thing like Parramatta. I think it's alright since there isn't really that much to do in Merrylands that would last 3hrs unless its hardcore shopping or meeting up. But I do like it because it keeps out all the people who go to work and leave their cars there lol. Easier parking for me after all~ I had Brazilian food at Fogo Brazilia! Half a chicken, Caesar salad, seasoned chips and orange juice. Not the healthy lunch I pictured but good enough I suppose. 

Afterwards we went to do some shopping but didn't buy much. I tried so hard looking for those comfortable loose summer pants but they were either the wrong size or too expensive sigh. I also liked these shorts that looked like a skirt but it was also a bit expensive and a bit loose so maybe I'll just wait until they go on sale. I did however get some hangers for my new wardrobe. 10 for $2 at the Reject shop which seems decent enough.

Decided we wanted dessert but many places were unsuitable so we just hung out at the cafe that's next to Woolworths. I had the Cookies and Cream special drink which was actually quite good! I wasn't expecting it to be so thick so it was pretty filling and I got a bit sick of it after half a drink. If I ever get it again I'd probably get the regular size since large was just too much for me!

We did some drawing at the cafe (I didn't participate ofc) and had some semi meaningful conversations about moving out and all those adulty things. I think I should definitely try to be more independent and learn things on my own but it's always so much easier to ask people lol. I hope I don't bother everyone with all my questions but it's just because I'm so excited about whole med thing still. Obviously it is quite daunting as I slowly realise how many things I'd actually have to do by myself but I think I'll be able to manage.

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