Saturday, 3 January 2015

Central Coast Road Trip

So after visiting the South Coast, my parents decided that they wanted to have another domestic holiday (since AUD is so bad urgh) and to head up to the Central Coast for a few days.

On the first day we headed up to The Entrance. It's apparently the pelican capital of Australia so that was right up my alley! Bird feeding happens at 3pm every day and we got there at 10am so unfortunately we didn't get to stay for that. I did see the pelicans but they were busy sitting in the middle of the water minding their own business. The beach there was really nice and there were even these small water channels where kids could play and not get swept out to sea lol. 

Since I wasn't bothered changing I just splashed around in the shallow areas

I was a bit disappointed when we left since The Entrance was mainly just a stopover for us. We did spend a few hours there and it was great. I would totally go back there again and do more activities such as kayaking and pelican feeding~  I didn't realise my hair was so long until this photo. 

We headed up to Newcastle and we stayed there for the night. Went over to the Ocean Baths to swim some laps after dinner and we saw lots of people setting up for the Nutri Grain Iron Man series at the beach. Felt so flabby.

The next day we went to Nelson Bay in Port Stephens. The beaches there were amazing! I think if I had to pick a favourite beach it would be the Nelson Bay one (the first image). The sand was super soft and there were hardly any waves! Probably because it doesn't directly face the ocean and there's like little islands blocking the sea currents. Felt like the pastiest person at the beach and I'm not even that pale. Lots of people were there early and trying to get their tan on (even though they already looked really brown and their skin was turning red....)

 Originally we wanted to rent a mini ski boat and go around the islands but then we realised no-one knew how to use one and we weren't sure what there was to do there. Some people at the shop had licences and stuff like wow I don't even have my Ps yet. Anyways we went stand up paddle boarding instead which is this (copied from the internet):

I wish I had a photo but everyone had their own paddle and it was highly recommended not to carry anything. Completely understandable since I fell off twice just by trying to kneel on the board. I wonder how people do yoga on these things. I would recommend doing any water activities early in the morning since it was super hot by 10am and the glare from the water really kills after a while. 

After that we went to Anna Bay which is where Stockton Beach and Birubi Point is. First view when I got there. Looks like a freaking desert doesn't it. They even have camel rides available because that place probably has the same conditions as a desert in the middle of Australia. 

HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING EITHER SUPER EARLY OR SUPER LATE IN THE DAY. I swear that place is the sunniest and hottest and driest place I've ever been to. Recommending full sun protection here and this is from someone with my condition. Hat, sunscreen, covered clothing and sunglasses. Oh and probably closed in shoes unless you're going to play in the water. Even walking from the car to the Tourist setups in the dunes was super painful in thongs.

Those dunes look endless. Apparently it's one of the largest areas in Australia. 

We went camel riding first and that was amazing. It wasn't a tour like the horse rides in the bushlands but it was still fun. Most of the scenery was just some sand dunes and then some water. The whole time I felt so bad for the camel since it had to carry two people and it was super hot seriously. The leather seat was a bit hot and uncomfortable but the rides were only 20 minutes each so it's not too bad. I wanted to take my umbrella with me but they said it would probably freak the camel or something :( 

After that we went over to the beach at Birubi Point and had lunch there. Completely sweated out my clothes just from that camel ride so I had to change as well urgh. I spent most of my time inside the tent hiding from the sun and eating fish and chips. A majority of people stayed in the water rather than the sand since it was much cooler there. 

The beach there also had a lot of pipis! I found some whilst playing in the water. Some people were putting them in buckets but I swear I saw some signs that said you couldn't do that. I saw a few of them out of their shells when the waves brought them in. They kinda look like snail things with a small feeler thing. 

After that we just went home. I'm certain that Port Stephens has a lot more attractions to offer and everyone wanted to go other areas too (such as dolphin/whale watching or outlooks) but I'm working full time for the summer holiday program at work so I wanted to get back by Sunday #adultlyf. Luckily Port Stephens is only about a 2 hour drive from Sydney which is quite similar to Wollongong. If I had to choose I'd probably go back to Port Stephens since I think the scenery is a bit more unique there and there's a lot of things to do. 

Anyways I'm kind of glad that I have more hours at work. It'll give me a chance to earn more money as well as a chance to stay indoors. I think I've had enough beaches and sun for a while and I've been super exhausted since the camel ride so I'm just going to spend the next few weeks (or months!) recuperating and hiding away from those killer UV rays. 

PS - I'm writing this post on mobile blogger on the way home so I'm filtering some of the photos on apps so if there's any grammar/word errors then blame it on autocorrect.

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