Monday, 29 December 2014

South Coast Road Trip

So for the last few days, I went with my family on a road trip to Wollongong, Kiama, Shoalhaven and Canberra. A lot happened so I'm just gonna post pictures of the main stuff we did. Super picture heavy post awaits!

First we went Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong for the Lotus Cultural Festival. There was lots of great food and stalls as usual but I felt like the food was better last year and in 2008? They had tasty fake meat last year and in 2008 they had fried cheddar on a stick!!! Sounds super fatty but I still remember it to this day cos it was great!

Then we went out to our hotel and played for a while at the beach~ We visited like 2 in the same day so it was super fun and I got to eat a lot of uber fresh fish and chips as well as see different sights. 

Saw a random rabbit in the bushes near the beach??? Couldn't get close enough to take a decent shot though. It ran into the bushes when I got closer :( 

Also check out that serious pollution wow. So close to the beach too :(

Collected some shells at the rock pools too

The next day we headed down to Kiama and Shoalhaven for more beaches and sightseeing. Kiama blowhole was a little disappointing as I've been before during the windy seasons and the sprout goes pretty high. Still it was nice to go again and I could compare before/after photos haha.

Kiama is so picture perfect <3

Woke up at 5am so excuse the eye bags and messy hair :')

After lunch we headed off to Canberra. Originally I wasn't too enthusiastic about going since Year 8 camp wasn't exactly the best camp that I've been on but it was actually pretty fun. I guess going with school and learning vs going with family and having fun are two very different experiences. 

First we went bike pedalling and that was great cos we got to see lots of sights whilst sitting in the shade and pedalling. It was harder than expected since we pedalled for around an hour and I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I was puffing by the end but my mum didn't even break much sweat! 

Then we had a picnic at Commonwealth Park which consisted of fried rice, stir fried noodles and fruit salad.

The atmosphere was really peaceful and we were really close to the memorial jet which operates between 2-4pm. 

After that we went paddle boating at Lake Burley Griffin which is pretty much the same as pedal biking except on a little boat in the water. If anyone's interested I would recommend hiring the boat for 1hr rather than 30 minutes cos then you get to travel further around the lake. It was a little more enjoyable than pedal biking but took up a lot of my energy. Unfortunately I have no photos because I didn't want any of my electronics to be ruined by the water :( All that I have is in my memory :(

The day after we went to Telstra Tower and the Black Mountain outlook. We went super early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It was a little awkward cos we couldn't lock our car because of some physics signal satellite thing and we tried to get help but it turns out we could've just used the key to lock the car #nooblyf. 

Another sleepy eyed photo. Finally broke out my Doctor Who shirt because it was expensive and I can't just keep staring at it at home like a gayass. I wish the fit was slightly better though because unisex clothes always look terrible on me

Then we just went to the National Botanical Gardens which is just at the foot of Black Mountains. We mainly stayed on the main path but we did end up checking out the rock gardens, desert garden and the rainforest gully trail. I loved the rainforest trail the best since it's not really something that I have ever experienced before. 

Pretty flowers on the rainforest walk. 

Awkwardly posing with some kind of lizard

And here's one of the prettiest part of the rock gardens

Finally we went to Cockington Green Gardens and that was one of the highlights of the trip (except for the breakfast buffets heh). The gardens are full of miniature replicas of world buildings and landscapes. Since it was around 32 degrees that day, we only really stayed there for an hour or so since it was so hot and tiring. I still had fun but I could tell that I was being really crabby to some of my family members but my brother was like that too. 

Wonderland display

Not sure what this location was but it was the prettiest

I think this was meant to be Golden Gate Bridge

Little farmhouse by the lake, The water is so clean - just look at that reflection! :)

Had a quick lunch at maccas and then we headed home~ This post was such a monster to write haha. Overall it was a great trip and I left with a lot of great memories and 5kg heavier cos that's what happens when I go on roadtrips ;) 

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