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Review: Benefit the POREfessional

Since I just recently started blogging again and I'm sick and stuck at home, I've decided to start doing makeup reviews~ Slightly inspired by Tofuwaifu and her asian drama reviews \o/

I actually got really excited by the prospect of actually making beauty posts that I looked up how to make light tents for better photography. Unfortunately that didn't go so well. I did end up taking some shots but they weren't super professional but they did look reasonable and showed the colour of the lipsticks well. I might try again later if I can be bothered. So yeah sorry for the ugly photos. 

For my first review I decided to showcase a primer! For some, a primer is a must have product and is also the first one applied every day. So without further ado let's get into the review! 

A few weeks before assessments I decided to have a look at primers. Prior to that, my only other experience with primers was Boots No7 Colour Calming primer which I mainly used as a concealer to cover my redness. I wasn't really sure what primer to get since there are so many different ones that are targeted to different skin concerns and types. After testing the Porefessional at the Benefit stand I was immediately sold on how velvety smooth my skin felt and how it mattified my skin without drying it out. 

What Benefit has to say:

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

The Porefessional is a lightly tinted cream and feels quite silky on my face. It is lightly fragranced (citrus) and the smell doesn't linger after application. It has a matte texture after application and the tinted colour does not show through on me so I think this is product that's suitable for light-medium skin tones. The tube packaging is convenient for travel and general usage as you can easily control how much product you use (I use about a small pea size). It contains 22ml of product which seems small but you don't need a lot per application so I can justify it. I believe it's suitable to all skin types and is not too drying or oily.

The Porefessional is great in reducing fine lines on my face and smoothing out my cheeks before makeup. I definitely noticed a reduction in my smile lines which was nice but I don't have very strong wrinkles to begin with. Performance was a bit so so in relation to minimising pores. On my cheeks, forehead and chin, the Porefessional worked amazingly and made my skin smooth and matte. However the Porefessional has a love/hate relationship with my nose. If my skin is reasonably nice, it will apply pretty nicely. But if I have slightly larger pores (which I do sometimes) around my nose, the Porefessional will actually emphasise them. For longevity, the Porefessional is great as it helped my foundation stay on longer on my face by about 2-3 hours. I found that it was also a little sweat proof eg - helped my foundation stay on longer even whilst I was sweating.

Looking through the ingredient list, I noticed that there were some silicones, fragrance and colourants in there. Whilst the Porefessional does have a lovely smell, I don't think that the fragrance is necessary. As someone with sensitive skin (and nose!) I tend to prefer unfragranced products however the Porefessional didn't break me out or make my skin feel clogged or uncomfortable. I feel like the colourants were also unnecessary as I wouldn't mind having a clear primer. That being said, I do believe that the tinted colouring helps in blurring pores and wrinkles so I'll let it slide since it works fabulously in that regard. I didn't notice any Vitamin E in the ingredients though so I'm not so sure about Benefit's claim of it being able to protect skin from free radicals.

Overall I'm generally pleased with the Porefessional but I'm not in love with it as many other people are. I found that it was an easy to use primer that blurred fine lines and most pores. The Porefessional isn't a product that I would use daily simply because I don't like using so many chemicals on my face. I generally use it on longer days, days out or special events as it does increase the longevity of my makeup. I can see why it's such a cult product because it's quite an all rounder in performance and does exactly what you think a primer would do. I would recommend everyone to at least try the product because it would probably work nicer on people who have better skin than me.

Repurchase: Maybe

Price and Availability: $53 from Benefit Counters in Myer or David Jones. I got mine online from the Benefit US site for approx. $40 including shipping and tax.

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