Saturday, 20 December 2014

Review: Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Last week I finally succeeded in building a cute small light tent following some youtube tutorials! Problem was that it was too cute and too small that I could hardly fit anything inside it and some of the pictures still turn out a little dark. So I guess I'm going to have to review my "small" products until I build a bigger light tent. Or maybe I'll just get ceebs later and just take photos on my table.

Anyways I'm reviewing another Benefit product - Bad Gal Lash Mascara! I've actually had this in my drafts for a while but I didn't really know how to review it because mascara seems like something that's going to be hard to describe. 

So Bad Gal Lash mascara came in the "I'm Glam...Therefore I Am" Benefit Kit that I got and it's a deluxe sample size. Bad Gal is a black mascara that isn't waterproof and can be easily removed. It's quite a dry formula in comparison to They're Real so you won't have to worry about not blinking for a few moments after application. Great for early morning makeup rushes! Since the formula is drier, it holds a curl better which is something that I quite like since my short asian lashes tend to droop with wet mascaras. It also washes off extremely easy and it tends to just disappear (with minimal smudging) rather than flaking off. 

The mascara claims to give "full voluminous lashes" but I honestly don't think it did. It neither lengthened or volumised my lashes which are the main reasons why I wear mascara. All it really did was add a little volume boost and colour to my lashes. It gives a very natural looks so it's a great mascara for "no makeup" makeup days. Personally it's not something I would use often since I do want my eye makeup to be a bit bolder than that but I'd imagine it'd be great for people who just want a natural boost for their eyes. For those who haven't tried it, just imagine the polar opposite of They're Real mascara. These qualities doesn't necessarily mean that Bad Gal is a bad mascara (heh see what I did there) but it does mean that it's probably not a mascara that most people would enjoy. The lack of boldness of this mascara is something I'm on the fence about since it's quite convenient to use quickly. Having said this I can think of many cheaper mascaras that could have this effect such as Maybelline Full and Soft and Max Factor Lash Perfection.

The wand of the mascara is actually pretty nice. It's made of soft natural bristles which I love because natural bristles feel a lot better than plastic ones (They're Real) and won't poke eyes as much as plastic ones. The wand is pretty standard and is around the same size as my eye which I like as it means I can get all my lashes in one go. Despite this I do find that I tend to apply 3-4 coats instead of my usual 1-2 since the mascara is quite light and 1-2 coats just simply doesn't give me the lash drama I like. Bad Gal builds up very nicely and doesn't EVER clump my lashes which makes it the first mascara to achieve that for me :)

I was a bit disappointed in this mascara as I thought it'd be a softer version of They're Real and I think the hype about They're Real made me assume that all Benefit mascaras would be amazing but the reality is that they aren't all very good. It's also possible that my expectations were too high but idk. Sorry if this review is terrible since there isn't that much to nitpick about mascaras. 

Repurchase: No

Price and Availability: $38 from Benefit Counters at Myer or David Jones

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