Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Birthday: Two Good Eggs and Laduree

My birthday~ 19 isn't really anything special but I guess being with special people makes your day feel better. Thanks for all the love and flowers and gifts! 

Met up with a friend to have brunch at Two Good Eggs Cafe. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it whilst browsing what felt like the hundredth page of Urbanspoon searching. Normally I'm not a super huge fan of brunch food (cos most of the time it feels overpriced and not to my tastes) but the Two Good Eggs had really lovely choices on the menu that were mostly agreeable with me. 

The teas we ordered. I got green tea. Came in the fabulous SBHS shades.

Two Good Eggs Breakfast - Poached Eggs,Mushrooms, Crispy Bacon, Hasbrowns, Sourdough Toast and Tomate. 

The Tomate (tomato sauce thing) was sooooo good. I actually mocked the menu beforehand by suggesting how they spelt tomato wrong but it turns out I was the wrong one. The sauce was so delicious and it went exceptionally well with everything on the plate. Usually sauces tend to just suit a few items but the tomate really worked with everything (especially the bacon). I guess tomato sauce is quite versatile but it still tasted quite unique and fresh.   

After that we went to pick up some artwork (so fancy right) and then we went to be hobos and chill at Sydney Westfields. Actually slightly devo that we missed the Sephora giveaway but oh wells. Browsed around and sat for a while before we went to cry over beautiful designer things at David Jones. I would've really liked to get a Kate Spade wallet during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales but unfortunately Kate Spade doesn't ship those deals to Australia. 

Then we went Laduree for more food! I've always wanted to try Laduree after that episode of Gossip Girl where Blair slept with and ate boxes and boxes of Laduree macarons after her "breakup" with Chuck. They looked so cute and delicate and...expensive. Which they were like everything else in Australia. The cheapo me cried.

I chose all different flavours except for the two chocolates because I actually wanted my macaron-disliking friend to actually have one but unfortunately there wasn't time/she didn't want them anyways :( I shared them with my family and even my mum really liked them! They still tasted good after being in storage for 6 months apparently lol Australia. I loved all the flavours I chose and I think if I were to go Laduree again I would probably buy the same flavours again. My top 3 picks would be chocolate, rose and strawberry and pistachio. 

When I got home I realised that my parents had actually made a really big seafood buffet for me! Everything was so tasty and fresh and it tasted just as good as restaurant stuff (if not better) because pro chef parents hehehe. They also got me a chocolate and lychee cake which was really unique and super filling. 

Thank you all for the lovely messages! I had a wonderful day :) 

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