Thursday, 4 December 2014

Brewtown Newtown + Sephora Sydney + Sushi Hotaru

On Wednesday I went out for brunch with a good friend and we decided to try the infamous Brewtown Newtown! She even made the trek out to the inner west so kudos~ Now I know they're insanely popular for their Brewnut Cronuts (croissant and doughnut) but I actually enjoyed the lunch meal more than the Cronut. Maybe it's because I'm not overly impressed by cronuts - *ducks whilst the crowd throws cronuts angrily at me* - or maybe because parts of my meal actually had savoury cronut which I much preferred. I've had cronuts prior to Brewtown and I found that those were nice but somewhat lacking.

Green Dragon Sencha Tea. Was super refreshing for my throat which was acting up and distorting my voice. 

My baby - Elvis burger - ground beef, savoury brewnut, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish. Wow it was so good I swear I would actually return time after time just to get this one dish. There was so much cheese and the burger was so creamy and juicy and oh god I jizzed every time I took a bite. Normally I wouldn't go for burgers and I don't even like regular burgers too much but the savoury brewnut as the bun was such a great change! I find that some burger buns can be too dry, hard or thick but switching it out for a cronut is just genius! I could rave about this burger for years. Chips were alright - tasted quite authentic but I'm pretty sure it's not cut directly from potatos which is disappointing cos those are my favourites! Wasn't sure what the house relish was but I think I would've preferred tomato sauce with my chips.

Chocolate cronut! Definitely better than the regular glazed cronuts that I've had before but I wouldn't say this is my favourite snack/dessert. Doesn't even come close. Still it was a good treat but it is a little overrated. Can't rave about this as much as the Elvis burger. 

After that we ended up going to Sephora and we got some gift bags with a mirror in it lol. Then we tried to go shopping and it was great that Myer was doing 10% off cosmetics but I didn't feel the urge to get anything so I didn't. Plus I'm trying to save myself for Sephora when it opens tomorrow!!! Not that I'm going but I'd love to check it out later and probably pick up some stuff. Apparently they'll be selling the US prices of brands which are new to Australia so that could pose as some seriously needed competition in the Australian cosmetics industry....seriously everything is so overpriced! 

I actually went back to Typo to pick up a cute little purple makeup bag (in celebration of Sephora and my own desires ofc) and then we went to chill under some cute light tree. It was great cos we got to catch up on each other's lives and just relax after trekking around Newtown and the city. 

After that we got a bit peckish so we went to eat Sushi Train yay! We went Sushi Hotaru cos they have pretty good sushi for a reasonable price. There were a few confusions with our orders but lucky we got those sorted easily and I enjoyed the meal a lot. Got my favs of seaweed salad ship, flying fish roe ship and the soft shelled crab roll with tartare sauce mmmmm. So much food in one day! 

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