Saturday, 22 November 2014


Yesterday I went out with a couple of friends to catch up and practice for our interviews together. We actually went through a lot of stuff and it was pretty fun but I think we were all pretty exhausted by the end. Had to stay indoors since it was 38 degrees and anywhere that did not have air conditioning felt like a furnace! Tried out Guzman Y Gomez for the first time! 

I had the mild chicken guerrero nachos since I can't tolerate spicy foods that well. It was so good! I rarely have Mexican food and now I think I want to try out other places like El Loco and Mad Mex. Slightly disappointed that there wasn't that much cheese so maybe next time I'd probably get extra cheese instead of sour cream. Also is it just me or are nachos hard to eat? Like I had to chew a lot and it made my teeth/mouth tired and I started to eat super slowly even though physically I wanted to just shove everything down my throat because it was tasty. Ooooh I also enjoyed the black beans more than I expected since I normally don't like the asian black beans with fish. 

After contemplating for several weeks I finally made the switch from android to ios! Maybe because I've been used to android for years but ios is so confusing to use. Like all the settings for every single app is in one place which theoretically should make things easier but I found that it was annoying to always have to switch out of the app just to change the settings. Also really devastated as there isn't an ios version of Expense Manager which I've been using this entire year to record my spending. I've tried like 6 (free) apps from the app store and the closest seems to be Dollarbirds. Despite this I still like it since it's pretty and the screen being bigger makes it more comfortable. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon :')

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