Thursday, 20 November 2014

Post Exam Fun

I'm finally done with my first year of uni woo! Really unsure with how well I did but fingers crossed that it's enough.

Priceline had a 40% off cosmetics sale so I went a little overboard on lip products since I don't have that many and I sort of want to build a collection with different colours! 

Also got one of the limited edition makeup sets from Benefit because I'm really starting to like their products now! The porefessional was just so good that I wanted to go back and try all the other products but they were a bit expensive so I decided to just go for a set since the packaging is so cute and has stuff that I like. 

How cute is that?! And there's also a really cute floral mirror on the other side! I really wanted to try the Girl Meets Pearl highlighter and the eyeshadows were too cute to resist! Not such a fan of the blush or gloss but I haven't really tried them yet. Might do an in depth review later.

One of my current perfumes is also running out so I decided to get a new one! Wasn't really sure what I was looking for but the sales assistant showed me Ralph and I really liked the fresh scent. I only got the 30ml because it takes me forever to finish my perfumes. Dot by Marc Jacobs was more of an impulse since I originally thought the smell was too strong but the assistant told me that I could dial down the intensity of a perfume by spraying into the air and walking through. I liked how the scent turned out so I got that too. They only had the 50ml so I think it's going to take me a while to finish.

Made the trek up to Newcastle to visit a friend! The train trip took ages but I really liked the scenery! Went by some pretty lakes and Hawksbury estuary so that was different. Also saw a lot of trees and grass too but I can see that in Sydney so not as interesting.

Explored the university for a while (it legit feels like a bushwalk) and got bitten by a couple of mosquitoes even though I already had insect repellent! Then we went to a end of semester party at some guy's house. Apparently he built the house with his mum and then spent most of his exam period building a really awesome deck around his pool! And there was also a firepit! Had so much fun roasting marshmallows and I have to say that the experience is so different in summer. Oh and I thought it was funny how there was a whole table of alcohol and bbq foods and towels and....insect repellent? Newcastle really has too many bugs. And not enough cute boiz (not that I'm complaining cos it's certainly better than Sydney in some aspects).

Since the room I was staying in had a window facing east, I woke up pretty early (7am!!!) and couldn't really get back to sleep so I ended up getting out and doing the regular morning stuff. Then I went back into bed and hoped that someone would wake up and I could play/talk to them but the one housemate that woke up early had an exam to get to :( So I just went back into bed and played on my phone until I was absolutely starving and went to make mi goreng! Accidentally spilt my fried onion everywhere too :(

Then other people woke up so I could play with them! And then we just chilled until a friend came to pick us up. Went to have sushi train and smoothies at 3 Monkeys!

Crab/California rolls will always be my favourite! Also got a seaweed ship even though I recently got food poisoning but I think I'm over it because how could I ever stay mad at bae? Didn't take a pic of the smoothie but wow it was huuuge! Like 30cm ruler tall cup huge. And it was so thick I swear people can have one smoothie and it could substitute as two meals or something. I tried some of my friend's Berry Mix smoothie and it was so tasty! Couldn't have much cos yeah I was full from sushi.

And then the friend drove me to the train station~ She was so nice! Actually everyone I met in Newcastle was so friendly and helpful! Especially to a lost tourist like me hahaha. I tried to buy a ticket but the machine wasn't accepting notes and I didn't have enough money so I went to the cafe next door and she was very willing to break my note for me! If I ever return I'm going to buy something there because I felt a little bad. It's the cafe right next to the ticket machine at Civic Station!

When my note got rejected I actually thought about fare evading since I was getting a single but then I thought about how the trip would take 3 hours which is a lot of time that ticket inspections could occur. And I'm so glad I did get a ticket! Because there were police officers patrolling the train and checking for tickets. The girl sitting opposite me didn't have a ticket and she was going to Bankstown so she was also from Sydney! Felt so bad for her cos she said she didn't even have enough money to buy her lunch today but I guess that's the hard student life.

Just finished eating dinner and I'm actually very glad to be home. I don't know if I'm actually ready to live by myself and even if I did, I would probably rely a lot on other people to help me. But I'll still be elated if I get an offer from Newcastle so yes hopefully everything will go smoothly for interview, gpa, offer etc. And there's also one spare room in my friend's house so hopefully I can snatch that if I get an offer. Yeah I've been doing a lot of future planning just like the pre-hsc days.

So yeah the last few days have been so hectic but really fun at the same time! I really loved Newcastle as the environment and atmosphere is just so different to Sydney. I also realised how house spoilt I am at home and that I should start learning how to do things and help out around the house more. Right now I'd say that Sydney is more comfortable as I'm more used to it but Newcastle offers me so much more freedom and adventure! Really excited to return....hopefully :')

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