Friday, 28 November 2014

Group Reunion + Mockingjay Part 1

Today I went out for a sghs group reunion~ It's been months since we've had a proper group reunion but I tend to go out with friends anyways. It was really nice that most people made an effort to come even if they were just a little bit later :) As usual noone really had any ideas/opinions on where to eat and we decided to switch it up and eat out on Church Street since we normally just eat around Westfields. Couldn't really decide between Thai In A Box or Mad Mex but then one of the latecomers chose for us and it was all good~

 I'm being so much more adventurous with food now! Had chicken nachos again but I got medium sauce instead of mild! I actually quite enjoyed the level of spiciness that medium sauce had. It wasn't too painful for me and I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was. Not sure if I'm ready to try the most spicy level yet but I think I'm really advancing on! Between Guzman Y Gomez and Mad Mex, I think I prefer Mad Mex a little bit more. It's easier to customise your nachos, the cheese sauce was so creamy and I really liked the tomatoes. It felt less filling than Guzman though, was a little more expensive and didn't really melt the cheese very well (they claimed the hot meat would but it didn't).

Then we went to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It was good! I mean I kind of went in with lower expectations since people have been telling me that they seemed to focus on the love triangle a bit much and that the ending was anti-climatic. After watching the movie, I'm a bit surprised at how low it has scored on Rotten Tomatos (66% for critics; 77% for audience). I did think some parts of the movie could have been faster or improved (eg some scenes were a little dark and I couldn't actually see what was happening but then I always have that problem). Overall I still enjoyed it.

Then we just went to chill for a bit and I went to check out the gym that I was planning on joining. They were a bit pushy on giving me the whole tour but it was still interesting. It's definitely bigger than what I expected and much cleaner too. It doesn't really have the Fitness First layered levels vibe which I really liked but oh wells. 

EDIT: This is my 500th post woooooo :)

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