Monday, 2 December 2013

My birthday!

I'm finally 18 today~ Didn't actually do that much today like just a nice breakfast and lunch. Came home early and just played computer for a few hours and played with my presents. Speaking of which, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LOVELY GIFTS AND MESSAGES :D

I actually cried a little for a couple of the messages so yeah that's how meaningful they felt ♪♥☆♬

Dinner with my family was really lovely as well. Like my dad cooked even more super tasty dishes and most were things he knew I loved like seafoods! Tried to eat some yabby too and it was tasty but not that tasty. I think I'll stick to prawns. Anyways I love my family and friends so much!!!

Yesterday I had a house party with my friends and it was surprisingly actually really nice. I didn't know what we could actually do for 5 hours though so sometimes there wasn't actually that much to do so yeah. Since we've been playing so much Mario kart recently I made some cute chocolate things :3

Me cutting the cake. I really hope my wish comes true!!! We didn't actually take that many photos which I sorta regretted but since it was my place, I didn't really know what to take pictures of. And I always feel awkward initiating the luvo sesh haha. Still I got half decent shots with my family and friends (*^。^*)

I didn't realise Yip could be spelt with Happy Birthday until someone pointed it out so I created it yay. It's still there on the leftover cake I think.

Anyways overall it was a lovely transition into adulthood I suppose :) I haven't had any alcohol these two days but maybe I'll get to try more (legally) later. Not gonna drink that much though cos it isn't really my thing....I still really like chatime~ omg mini rant - I wish I got my chatime card last Wednesday because then I would've qualified for a free drink but oh wells.

If this post turns out a bit weirdly formatted it's because I'm testing out mobile blogger for my adventures later~

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  1. I miss you so much! Wish I was there for your b'day :'(


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