Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Melbourne Day 8

Last night I got super hungry and greedy so a couple of us went on a late night food run to the Asian grocery store. Got a packet of tasty octopus chips which were shaped like octopus! Oh and some seaweed but truthfully I wanted mamee noodles.

Checked out of hotel and went to the macaron cafe~ actually it mainly sold macarons so technically it isn't a cafe. But it was pretty and cute.

I needed up getting earl grey and chocolate and cherry blossom and sake since I was in the mood to be experimental and to try something exotic. I must say, I thought they'd be unique but gross but they were all quite orgasmic. Especially earl grey, salted caramel and Christmas pistachio, almond and honey one.

Mine is the packet on the left of the vase.

Went to have some McDonalds for brunch and felt like trying some macarons there but didn't. Maybe I'll try it in Sydney.

Anyways ran to catch the bus to airport and then caught the flight home. I think one of the flight attendants snuck behind our row to quickly eat a snack ahahaha. It was kinda cute but awkward at the time. Also I was peeing when plane had a small bout of turbulence so that was defs awkward and uncomfortable. Didn't know whether it was more important to hold my pants or the railing lol.

And that's the end of the trip! Thanks for joining Travel Yip (ok yeah that's so lame) Went home, ate, napped and played some computer.

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