Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Melbourne Day 7

Beach day yay! Took the free Space Hotel bus and saved money since we didn't have much left on our myki cards anyways. There were these nice British girls on the bus with us and I thought it was funny cos they were talking to the driver about weird Australian souvenirs like canned kangaroo dicks or something.

St Kilda beach

Also saw a couple of gigantic dead jellyfish. I guess it was kinda disrespectful cos I thought it was a little funny and unearthed it from the sand and tried to clean it. Also I thought about cooking it and how tasty jellyfish are. So I'm sorry to all the dead jellyfish out there.

At first the beach was quiet and a bit cloudy and cold but later on in the day it got warmer and we played more. I just ended up baking in the sand (2 layers of sunscreen, feet buried in sand, cardigan covering legs, scarf covering body and hat covering face). I just didn't wanna get more sunburnt than zoo day. Also cos even with those things on, the sun still felt pretty hot and it was a nice baking feeling.

Tried helping with making our sand pony after my nap.

Skipping happily off into the cold water

Gave our baby some embellishments to make it pretty.

Afterwards we headed off to City Square to check out the Christmas events there.

The gingerbread art was pretty good!

I honestly wonder where they send it to cos I saw people putting stuff in.

And then we went home (hotel) and I ate my gigantic pamier which the bakery called "Palm leaf" since it was that big lol.

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