Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Melbourne Day 1

Woke up so early this morning omg. Had to get up at 4.30 so I could catch a 7am flight. It actually only took 30ish minutes to drive there which was strangely quick.

Avalon is so small. So very small.

First view of Avalon from the bus to cbd. Melbourne was super cold and the pilot even said it would be 11 degrees but wow it was freezing and raining so much. Still it didn't spoil the day because I ate some food at Southern cross train station which is huge and pretty.

Also cos we booked late we were only able to get a family 5 room for 4 days and the other days we have to share a family 4 room. People are planning to share a bunk bed which looks squishy to me but they said it'll be alright.

Queen bed in the room

View from the hotel window. Floor 7~

Went Queen Victoria Markets first and it was a little disappointing cos it's supposed to be a really famous and awesome landmark but it just seemed more like a less dodgy Paddy's Market. Also Melbourne people are so nice! So many people offered to help us when we got lost or couldn't figure out which direction to walk.

Just some random shots that I took of Melbourne cbd. GPO is their version of QVB in Sydney and it was quite pretty on outside and inside.

Being a fob at So Good~ They were having a 75% off sale but I didn't buy anything.

Some university. It has a really funky artwork on it. I think it was RTLM or something.

Saw some funky street art too. Wanted to find a whole street but it was too far away and we got tired after mega Daiso. SO SAD COS THE EYELINER WAS OUT OF STOCK! AND TARGET WAS OUT OF TISSUES WHAT.

Rested and explored hotel afterward and discovered the spa! Too bad it's a little....exposed since it's on the rooftop.

Some of the Christmas lights that I took after dinner.

Most the photos are kinda random but we're still settling in so we haven't done that many ultra cool things yet so yeah :3

Also I'm super sad cos I'm kinda sick and I have a sore throat and a cold still :(

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