Sunday, 10 November 2013


Yesterday I finally went back to mah beloved Fairfield Markets~ I remember the first time seemed better but that may have been because the weather was nice last time and it wasn't the hottest day ever. Actually got more stuff than last time but idk maybe I was just getting desperate after being apart for sah long.

Also walked to the bus stop for a long time! That was my formal exercise done~ (I mean I should do more cos it practically did nothing but nothing every works cry) For lunch I got crab roll, seaweed sushi roll and a seaweed salad and I could totes feel the lady's surprise when she repeated "and....seaweed salad???"

Gravity....well I thought it was an alright movie when I first watched it. The beginning was really boring because it wasn't dramatic or captivating enough for me. Also when she kept spinning around I thought it was just really repetitive and a little disorientating. But then after I got home last night I kept thinking about it until I got into bed and I realised that the movie had a lot of deeper themes in it. So I can see why critics would enjoy the movie because a lot of them judge beneath the surface of a film...

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    Mum and I had this long in-depth discussion about what we thought the overarching themes and metaphors the movie had for it to have such a high score just omg the feels in the end ;A;


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