Monday, 28 October 2013


Context: Usually when I'm at home alone, my parents usually cook something for me in the morning and I heat it up for lunch or I make something really simple like instant noodles etc.

Two weeks ago (first week of exams) my parents started casually leaving me at home with some bread and some pre-cut ingredients so I could make sandwiches for myself. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

A few days later they left some money at home because there was no more bread and I had to go out to buy bread and some canned tuna to eat with it for lunch. Nothing suspicious either cos it was Thursday and bread usually finishes by Wednesday.

Last week my parents left me at home with some flavoured rice, nori and some sliced ingredients so I could make sushi for lunch. Nothing suspicious about that either because they made sushi on Saturday for lunch.

A few days later they left rice grains and the raw ingredients at home with a note that told me to cook the rice and to make some sushi for my own lunch. I still didn't think it was suspicious because I thought they were just probably getting lazy cos they've been making me food for 17 years. 

Last Saturday they left me at home with some homemade buns that I had to steam myself for lunch whilst they took my brother to sport. I thought they did that so I could decide how many I wanted to eat and I didn't have to waste extra food.

TODAY they left me at home with some dough and some mince and told me to make some buns for myself and steam it for lunch. ARE YOU SEEING THE TREND YET OMG I ONLY NOTICED TODAY. Yesterday they even "casually" mentioned that medium buns take about 30mins to steam but its ok to oversteam them cos they won't burn or anything. 

My parents are already preparing for me to be independent and forcing me to make food because they know I'm a greedy shit and I eat anything when I'm super hungry. And they probably even chose certain foods (sushi and the buns) because they know I like eating them so I'll want to make and eat them! :(


  1. OMG IKR!? My dad just casually mentioned that he won't be looking after my bank account anymore after my HSC and it'd be up to me to choose where to invest my money. I don't even know how much I have in my bank account., let alone how to use it. Lolz, I sound like a spoilt brat :'(

  2. Awwwwwwwwww this made me laugh so hard. Your parents are so cute :3

  3. Wow... the amount of thoughts your parents put into this to try to get you to become more independent =)
    you'll thank them in the future ^^ haha


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