Friday, 20 September 2013

A message to my friends - Our Finale

And finally, 6 long years of high school have come to an end. 

Graduation came as a surprise to me. In many ways, I wanted to cry. But I didn't. I anticipated crying through the school captain speech, and the year 11 speech and even my year advisor's speech. But I didn't in any of them. Whilst I was in that tunnel of year 8 arms, I remember the moment that we were all clapped into the school. I remember not having to bend down - that it was a straight breeze through. I remember singing the second verse of the school song when everyone was singing the first. And I remember being surrounded by the strangers who I would get to know as friends. And that's when I shed a few tears. 

Late last night I finally cracked and cried. Maybe I cried because I saw the comparison year 7/12 photos. Maybe I cried because I saw that it would cost $55 to be an old girl. Maybe I cried because of the aftertaste of the chili chicken I ate. Or maybe I cried at the thought that this was truly the end of an era. Sydney Girls has truly meant a lot to me in ways that can never fully be explained in words. It's just a feeling you get. 

"One smile can start a friendship. One word can end a fight. One look can save a relationship. One person can change your life"

I'm lucky in that I haven't just met one person in my time at SGHS. That I've met many. A band of many wonderful and extraordinary people who have changed my life. To you, all my friends - thank you truly for making my high school journey magical. It is you who has made my experience of high school like this. I'll remember and cherish every moment we had together. No matter if you've spent 6 years with me or less. It's not the length of the time that we had that matters, but what we did in the limited time we had. 

This last week we had together would arguably be one of the best in my life. Class parties, free period adventures, tunic day, reading about our past selves and the graduation after party. What I'll remember about high school won't be the pains of early morning cramming sessions or the agonising stress of the hsc. It'll be the crazy, weird lunchtimes, all the lolly-stealing at parties, all postcards, all the sexual jokes, all the frantic hugs in the corridors, all the rushed conversations at lockers and all the bonds we have formed. I guess in a way, dressing up so much for the last week made me realise how dynamic and different everyone can be. That even after 6 years, we all still have secrets to share. That we all still have mystery holes that need to be filled. How we can all be serious, funny, crazy and mature - all at the same time. 

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"   - Abraham Lincoln

I don't want our memories and friendships to fade. And I won't let them.

So my friends, it's only goodbye, until we meet again. 

Sydney Girls, I love you!


Amy (20/09/13)

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