Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Review: Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve

Wow it's so weird blogging again. I wish I had a good reason for why I left but the truth is I never meant to leave and it just sort of happened. I got busy with life etc and it sort of got left on the side. I'll probably do a tldr update post but that'll probably be later. The main reason why I decided to blog again was because I was packing to go home for the holidays and I remembered how much I liked this lipliner! (superficial, I know)

Review: Essence Lipliner Satin Mauve
Today's review is going to be a short and sweet one on the Essence Lipliner in 06 Satin Mauve. I picked it up at the full price of $2 at Priceline during their perfume sale last year. It's not the first lip liner that I've owned but it's actually the first that I've ever tried on my lips and not just swatched on my hand. I've never really understood the love for lipliners - they're just basically pencil lipsticks right? I was so wrong until I started using one. 
Excuse the smudged sides - I think I want to sharpen my lip liners and my eye liner pencils with separate sharpeners so I'll have to go out to get another one. Satin Mauve really isn't a colour I thought I would like as I tend to go for brighter pinks (like 05 Cutie Pink).

I would probably describe it as a neutral to cool toned mauve. It works really well with Maybelline's Touch of Spice matte lipstick! It was honestly such a flattering shade for me to use during one of my placements or in any office/professional setting. It can be used as both a lipliner or just as a lip base colour if you don't want anything as dramatic as a lippie!

Review: Essence Lipliner in Satin Mauve

It wore pretty nicely during the day and it became a placement favourite. My skin is usually drier in the winter months but I haven't had any difficulties using it yet though I do think that it could be a little smoother. I found that it didn't settle into my lip lines and it faded quite evenly throughout the day. There's no scent to the product which is what I prefer. 

Overall, this is such a lovely lip liner for the price! $2 can barely get you any nuggets at Maccas but it can get you a pretty lovely lip liner at Priceline! I'm definitely keen to try out more lipliners after this one but I'll have to sort through my current makeup stash first.....

Price and Availability: $2 at Priceline Pharmacy 

Repurchase: Yes

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee

As everyone knows, the Daiso Magical Eyeliner is my favourite affordable liquid eyeliner. However, it is not actually the cheapest (cost wise) in my collection of liquid eyeliners. I picked up the Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee for just $2 at Kmart when I was looking for hair ties. Just $2!!! The black shade was like $6 and I wasn't in the mood for another black liquid eyeliner so I just gave it a pass. 

ELF Liquid Eyeliner has a simple liner set up as it comes with a small tub with a brush that pulls out with the product, much like Daiso's Magical Eyeliner. The brush tip on this eyeliner is super fine which makes it perfect for creating super natural looks. The downside to this is that it's not as easy to control as a thicker felt tip eyeliner. If you're uncomfortable or don't yet have the hang of liquid eyeliners yet then don't worry! You can always start by lining you eyes with a pencil eyeliner and then just tracing over the line with a liquid eyeliner for a sharper look!

I do have a few dislikes/complaints about this eyeliner. I found that the formula is just a little too runny and streaky for my liking. To counter this, I tend to just redraw the line once the first layer has dried. This definitely increases the drying time of the eyeliner (and therefore keeping your eyes still to avoid any transfer) but I find that the end result is quite satisfying. Just remember that using two layers of the brown eyeliner actually depends the brown colour so it becomes a darker brown colour.

Using this eyeliner has also made me realise how much I like using brown eyeliners for daytime wear. Brown eyeliners just look so much softer and more natural for daytime wear. It's also very dependent on hair and eye colour but personally I feel as though black brings my eyes out just a little more but brown has a similar effect too. Since it's currently the summer holidays for me, I've found that I really like the more relaxed look of brown eyeliner over black. I've also discovered that this eyeliner isn't too long lasting and I tend to sweat it off most days, despite having pretty dry skin.
Overall, this isn't an eyeliner that I'd rave about. It's quite decent quality for how much you pay and I do think that some beginners may struggle with control of the brush. However, there's really very few liquid eyeliner options at that price point so it's a good bargain option if you're really keen on saving a few extra dollars. Personally, I think I would pay a little bit more to grab a Maybelline or Rimmel Liquid eyeliner on sale at Priceline but that's a reivew for another time. 

Price and Availability: $2 (sale) or $6 at Kmart Australia or other ELF counters or $3 online at Iherb.com.au

Repurchase: Maybe

PS - Really hoping to do a life update post since I'm currently on uni break and I have some time to post more frequently. I've also taken up a couple of volunteering positions and work so let's just see how those go first :) 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while - I've honestly got no excuse besides the fact that I was super busy with uni/life and I wasn't particularly inspired at the time to do more posts. The funny thing with blogging is that it always starts off as being super fun and a great hobby to pass the leisurely summer holidays but it always gets to a dull point too. Maybe it's just me but sometimes I feel like my posts get repetitive with reviewing products. Anyways onto to the review! 
I was recently shopping my stash when I found this little guy again! I know I was late to the Colour Tattoos craze last year and I'm still late now as I'm reviewing it! I had a period where I just got a little bored of my existing powder eyeshadows and I wanted to venture out into trying out more products. I wanted this shade specifically as it's a lovely neutral golden shimmer that could be quite versatile. I've seen people online calling it a dupe for the MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study which I do agree with.

I'm still unsure as to whether I got a dud from Chemist Warehouse but as you can see, the eyeshadow is pretty clumpy and uneven. It all still blends out nicely once applied onto the eyelid but it does require more effort. It was definitely quite dry when I first purchased it and has dried up even more over the summer months. 

Here's a swatch of it indoors with natural lighting. As you can see, it's really quite shimmery and a little goes a long way. Lasting power is also quite excellent as it has been able to last me a whole 8 hour work day with only minimal creasing and fading. Despite the fading, I think that the actual shimmer is still quite long lasting as it is still visible. I love this shade as it works great as a all over lid highlight as well as as a primer/base product for powder eyeshadow application. 
L-R: Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Palette "Virgin", Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Barely Branded, Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in "Silk Teddy"
I just wanted to compare the Colour Tattoo with some other neutral shimmers that I own. These are all great shades to use all over the eyelid if you're looking for some natural every day sparkle. Chi Chi "Virgin" (first shade) is a bit more white looking than golden and seems to have a cooler tone. Too Faced "Silk Teddy" looks more pink than peachy and seems to have a stronger shimmer. Once applied onto the eye lid, I find that the differences between the 3 are quite subtle and all look great on. 

Price and Availability: $12.95 from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

Repurchase: Yes I'd love to try the other shades

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Venture Into Reds

Where did April go??? I've been so busy with uni and college so I do have to admit that I've been neglecting my blog a little. It's also because I'm on a makeup ban and I think that left me a little uninspired for a few weeks. However, I've been drafting up some really exciting post ideas so keep an eye out for those in the near future! :)

 I'm not sure if you can tell, but I'm not really a red lipstick kind of gal. I tend to gravitate towards pinks and plums and it's interesting because I'm actually a huge fan of red lipstick but I just don't seem to wear them often. Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon is a lovely sheer red that I've been sporting for the past week and I've been loving it.
As a lip butter, it feels amazingly lightweight on the lips and doesn't sink into my fine lines at all! It's a little sheer but hydrating and can still pack a punch of colour onto your face whenever you need it. I started off by dabbing this lightly onto my lips for just a tint of colour and slowly progressed to wearing it outright. It's not the kind of red lipstick that I'd wear to a formal party, but it's definitely one that can be used every day without too much fuss.
An issue that I've been experiencing is just how soft the bullet is. It's been quite hot in Newcastle recently and I've discovered that it can melt or look quite sticky when it has been left in a bag for too long. I guess the softness of the bullet is just a result of the lipstick formulation so I won't blame it for that. The silver lipstick case can get a little dirty when the bullet melts but I just wipe it off with a clean tissue or wet wipe.

Price and Availability: Still a couple of tubes available at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Repurchase: If I can find more of them

What are your favourite discontinued products? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Morning Sunrise

Haven't really had much updates since uni started but uni mid-semester break is finally here so I'll be posting a bit more frequently than usual. Here are a couple of snaps of what I've been doing for the past few weeks! The above photo is a gorgeous shot of the sunrise at Mereweather Beach! It was such a cold and early day but the views were definitely worth it! :) 

  • Found the TARDIS at uni!!! I think it was an art project that they were showcasing during Orientation Week 
  • Cooking adventures! This time we made a simple brunch - Rye and linseed slice with avocado and egg. 
  • First time going out on a student night this year! My housemates are such lovely people and we even got a family photo together :) 
  • One of the "better" photos of me at Red Party this year. I'm surprised I didn't take a selfie before the event (as I normally do)
  • Sydney Girls go on a Newcastle adventure! My friends came up to stay for the weekend so we took them to the finest beaches that Newcastle could offer
  • First Incision at Mereweather Surfhouse! Definitely a night to remember as I met so many amazing people in my course and it was a venue with a great view :)

  • Loved this Lush rose bath bomb! It was my reward after 8 weeks of working during the holidays and it definitely helped me relax and renew. 
  • Chinese Zodiac lanterns around Sydney! This cute one was right outside Meetfresh in Chinatown
  • I'm a huge macaron fan so my friend and I decided to split a box from Via del Corso
  • Got my Ps after 4 years of being on my learners licence! 
  • Tried out a new brunch place near Wynyard with a friend and boy these sweet potato fries were amazing! 
  • More light displays at Darling Harbour for Valentines Day :) 
What have you guys been up to recently?